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Nookington's (Japanese: タヌキデパート Tanukichi's Department Store) is the largest and final expansion for Tom Nook's shop. It sells all of the tools and more flowers and saplings. In this expansion, a whole new floor is opened up, where six furniture pieces, three wallpapers, three carpets is sold. A paint tool for changing the color of the player's roof is sold as well. Also, on the top floor Timmy and Tommy replace Tom Nook.

In Wild World, after Tom Nook expands into Nookington's, Shampoodle will also move into it to provide hairstyle makeovers for players at the cost of 3,000 Bells. Harriet the poodle is the proprietor of this business/shop.


In Animal Crossing[]

To upgrade to Nookington's in Animal Crossing, the player must spend 240,000 bells at Nookway and have a friend on a different memory card visit and buy at least one item.

In Wild World[]

To upgrade to Nookington's in Wild World, the player must spend 240,000 Bells at Nookway and a friend must buy something in the shop in the player's town as well.

This creates problems for those who do not have a friend that they can connect with, and further problems if players do not have a sufficient Internet connection using the built-in Wi-Fi using the DS (to connect to the internet) or Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (that connects the DS or Wii to the internet using the computer) - they will be unable to upgrade.

Local play where a person connects with another within 50 feet will allow the player to visit another town without the need for an internet connection. There is no other way to get Nookington's, though the problem can be solved by exchanging friend codes with another player over the Internet. Because of the shutdown of Nintendo WFC, It is impossible to visit other people's towns with Nintendo WFC, But this can be solved with the use of Wiimmfi. However, some Wild World game cards may have a glitch and will upgrade from Nookway to Nookington's whether a visitor shopped at the store or not.

In the Virtual Console re-release of Wild World, there is not a requirement for a friend to visit.

In City Folk[]

To upgrade to Nookington's in City Folk, the player must spend 150,000 Bells at Nookway. The cost is reduced and having a friend visit and buying an item is no longer a requirement.


Wild World[]

City Folk[]


  • In City Folk, there is clothing visible through the second floor window. However, Nookington's does not sell clothes.
  • If the player is standing next to any of the Nook stores at 6:00am, just before expansion, the player will be stuck in the newly expanded store for a short period of time before fainting and waking up in front of their home, like when stung by a scorpion or tarantula.
  • Nookington's resembles an average department store.
  • Nookington's may be a parody of Burlington's Coat Factory, a clothing store chain in the United States.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese タヌキデパート Tanukichi's Department Store -
France French HyperNook -
Spain Spanish Nook's -
Germany German Hyper Nook -
Italy Italian Nook élite -