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A player reading a note in a bottle

A Note-in-a-bottle will sometimes wash up on the beach in Wild World, but can be obtained in City Folk if the player moved from their Wild World town
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A player finding a note in a bottle

and had one in their catalog. They will all say something different.

The player can also buy bottles in Tom Nook's store for 200 Bells each unlimited stock, like regular paper. If they write something inside them and release them, and a friend has done the same, when the two connect through Contact Mode/Tag Mode, they will each find afterwards their friend's note-in-a-bottle washed up on their beach, as well as both having each other's constellations. They can be saved in the Town Hall like Letters. The player can also send presents along with the notes.


  • The player will be able to tell if the mail is from a real person or Nintendo, as a note from a real player will always start with "Dear Some Stranger," unlike a Nintendo note-in-a-bottle.


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