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OK Motors (OKモータース, Ō Kē Mōtāsu?, OK Motors) is a location in Pocket Camp; a place where players can customize their campers. The business is operated by Giovanni, along with his employees Beppe and Carlo. Here players can change the style, size and coloration of their camper van.



Expansion Price Layout(1st) Layout(2nd)
1st floor expansion (1) 10,000 Bells 4x6 none
2nd floor 30,000 Bells 4x6 4x4
2nd floor expansion 50,000 Bells 4x6 4x6
1st floor expansion (2) 100,000 Bells 5x6 4x6
1st floor "supersize" expansion 150,000 Bells 5x8 4x6
2nd floor "supersize" expansion 200,000 Bells 5x8 5x6
2nd floor final expansion 250,000 Bells 5x8 5x8

All loans are paid for using the loan icon inside the More menu.

There is no reward for paying off the final 250,000 bell loan, so it is recommended to avoid doing that.

Paint Jobs


For normal paint jobs, a design is first selected, then two colors are selected to accommodate the design.

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Name Image Price
two-tone Userwagoncc 0000 5,000 Bells
simple stripes Userwagoncc 0001 5,000 Bells
two-tone wave Userwagoncc 0002 5,000 Bells
vertical stripes Userwagoncc 0003 5,000 Bells
racing stripes Userwagoncc 0004 5,000 Bells
big stripe Usercabconcc 0000 5,000 Bells
simple stripes Usercabconcc 0001 5,000 Bells
two-tone Usercabconcc 0002 5,000 Bells
horizontal stripes Usercabconcc 0003 5,000 Bells
racing stripe Usercabconcc 0004 5,000 Bells

Special Design

Special paint jobs have a fixed color scheme and cannot be customized.

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Name Image Price
lovely lace Userwagonsp 0000 8,000 Bells
royal coach Userwagonsp 0001 150 Leaf Tickets
patched together Userwagonsp 0002 150 Leaf Tickets
blue sweater-vest Userwagonsp 0003 8,000 Bells
Unknown Userwagonsp 0004 Unknown
southwestern flair Userwagonsp 0005 150 Leaf Tickets
flower power Userwagonsp 0006 150 Leaf Tickets
camo chic Userwagonsp 0007 8,000 Bells
painter's palette Userwagonsp 0008 8,000 Bells
retro ride Userwagonsp 0009 150 Leaf Tickets
Animal Crossing Userwagonsp 0099 Tenth day Log-In Bonus
desert mist Usercabconsp 0000 10,000 Bells
splatter up Usercabconsp 0001 10,000 Bells
Unknown Usercabconsp 0002 Unknown
baker's dozen Usercabconsp 0003 10,000 Bells
flaming forward Usercabconsp 0004 150 Leaf Tickets
playtime Usercabconsp 0005 10,000 Bells
lumberjack Usercabconsp 0006 150 Leaf Tickets
Unknown Usercabconsp 0007 Unknown
family vacation Usercabconsp 0008 10,000 Bells
garden party Usercabconsp 0009 150 Leaf Tickets
paw prints Usercabconsp 0010 150 Leaf Tickets
rover PC-Rover Camper 150 Leaf Tickets
Summer Isabelle Summerisabelletruck 150 Leaf Tickets
K.K. KKtruck 150 Leaf Tickets
Reese Reesetruck 150 Leaf Tickets
Timmy and Tommy Timmyandtommytruck 150 Leaf Tickets



  • The Classic RV was a mix of a 1970s Dodge A100 Sportsman and a 1963 Volkswagen T1 Camper, while the Modern RV was based on a 1980s Ford E350.
  • Giovanni, Carlo, and Beppe are the only special characters that are birds.

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