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October is the month in which the Animal Crossing series celebrates Halloween. (This Holiday wasn't in Wild World. ) Candy is sold throughout the month at Tom Nook's Store and Nookling Stores in preparation for Halloween (in Animal Crossing, candy starts being sold on the 16th, but is available throughout all of October on other games), whereas, in New Leaf, the Able Sisters shop will start selling Halloween masks and hats. The 31st is the only chance each year to see Jack. The grass and trees will also turn noticeably redder during this month, as it is during Fall.

Events in October


Villagers born during this month fall under either the or signs.

October 1stBoyd the gorilla and Raymond the cat
October 2ndDiva the frog and Orville
October 3rdBig Top the elephant
October 4thGoose the chicken
October 5thElmer the horse
October 6thTex the penguin and Bitty the hippo
October 7thCobb the pig
October 8thKiki the cat
October 9thDrift the frog
October 10thBenedict the chicken and Franklin
October 11thKitt the kangaroo
October 12thLyman the koala and Plucky the chicken
October 13thChops the pig and Gonzo the koala
October 14thEgbert the chicken
October 15thBrewster, Hippeux the hippo, and Bea the dog
October 16thFriga the penguin

October 17thLimberg the mouse
October 18thAl the gorilla and Redd
October 19thClay the hamster
October 20thAntonio the anteater
October 21stTimbra the sheep and Sandy the ostrich
October 22ndKatie and Sylvana the squirrel
October 23rdGroucho the bear
October 24thBroffina the chicken and Snooty the anteater
October 25thPortia the dog
October 26thEugene the koala
October 27thJambette the frog
October 28thGaston the rabbit and Katrina
October 29thRodeo the bull
October 30thWade the penguin
October 31thJack and Labelle

Available collectables

Note: this table has not yet been updated for New Horizons

NameLocationSale priceTime of dayGames
AngelfishRiver1,0004pm - 9am
Barbel SteedRiver200All day
Barred KnifejawOcean5,000All day
BassRiver300All day
Black BassRiver300All day
BluegillRiver3009am - 4pm
Brook TroutPool150All day
CarpRiver300All day
CatfishPool8004pm - 9am
CharWaterfall3,8004am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm
Cherry SalmonRiver1,0004am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm
CoelacanthOcean (rain)15,000All day
Crucian CarpRiver120All day
DabOcean300All day
DaceRiver2004pm - 9am
Freshwater GobyRiver300All day
Giant TrevallyIsland4,500All day
GoldfishRiver1,300All day
GuppyRiver1,3009am - 4pm
HerabunaRiver300All day
Horse MackerelOcean150All day
KoiRiver4,000All day
Large BassRiver3,000All day
Mitten CrabRiver2,0004pm - 9am
Moray EelOcean2,000All day
Neon TetraRiver5009am - 4pm
OctopusOcean500All day
Olive FlounderOcean800All day
Pale ChubRiver1609am - 4pm
PikeRiver1,8004am - 9pm
Popeyed GoldfishRiver1,3009am - 4pm
Rainbow TroutRiver8004am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm
RayOcean3,000All day
Red SnapperOcean3,000All day
Ribbon EelIsland600All day
Sea BassOcean200All day
SeahorseOcean1,100All day
Small BassRiver200All day
Whale SharkIsland13,000All day
Zebra TurkeyfishOcean400All day
NameLocationSale priceTime of dayGames
AntOn rotten turnips, rotten fruit and candy80All day
BagwormShake trees3007pm - 8am
BeeShake trees2,000All day
Bell CricketOn the ground4305pm - 8am
CentipedeUnder rocks3004pm - 11pm
CockroachOn trees, turnips and flowers.(GCN, WW)5All day
CrabOn the beach150All day
CricketOn the ground1305pm - 8am
FleaOn villagers70All day
FlyNear garbage60All day
Hermit Crabdisguised as seashells1,0007pm - 8am
House CentipedeUnder rocks2507pm - 8am
LadybugOn flowers1308am - 5pm
Long LocustOn the ground2008am - 7pm
MantisOn flowers4308am - 5pm
Migratory LocustOn the ground6008am - 7pm
Monarch ButterflyNear flowers140All day
Orchid MantisOn white flowers2,4008am - 5pm
Petaltail DragonflyFlying8,0004pm - 7pm
Pill BugUnder rocks250All day
Pine CricketOn the ground1005pm - 8am
Red DragonflyFlying808am - 7pm
Rice GrasshopperOn the ground4008am - 7pm
SpiderShake trees300All day
Spotted LadybugOn flowers2008am - 5pm
StinkbugOn trees120All day
Tiger BeetleOn the ground (island)1,5008am - 7pm
Violin BeetleOn tree stumps2504am - 5pm
Walking stickOn trees6004am - 7pm
Wharf RoachOn the beach200All day
Deep-sea creatures
NameLocationSale priceTime of dayGames
AbaloneOcean4004pm - 9am
Acorn BarnacleOcean200All day
Chambered NautilusOcean900All day
ClamOcean400All day
Ear ShellOcean3004pm - 9am
Giant IsopodIsland9,000All day
LobsterOcean2,500All day
Mantis ShrimpOcean1,2504pm - 9am
OctopusOcean1,000All day
OysterOcean400All day
Pearl OysterOcean1,600All day
ScallopOcean1,000All day
Sea AnemoneOcean100All day
Sea SlugOcean200All day
Sea StarOcean100All day
Spiny LobsterOcean3,0004pm - 9am
Spotted Garden EelIsland600All day
Sweet ShrimpOcean6504pm - 9am
Turban ShellOcean3004pm - 9am
Notes: Location, price, and time, comes from the collectible's most recent appearance. For older information, please see that collectible's individual page. The flat stag beetle is listed under stag beetle, the Ladybug from Wild World and later is listed under Spotted ladybug and the water beetle is listed under Diving beetle. A bold name indicates that collectible makes its first appearance that month. A red background indicates that collectible will not be available in the next month. Collectibles that are available on New Leaf's Island are not listed if they do not appear in the town in this month, however, island-exclusive collectibles such as the whale shark are listed for every month.
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