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This article is about the fish. For the the deep-sea creature, see Octopus (deep-sea creature). For the villager species, see Octopus (villager).

The octopus (タコ, Tako?) is an ocean-going fish that can be caught from September to January and from March to July. Its first appearance was in the Japan-only Animal Forest e+. In New Leaf onward, the octopus was switched to the deep-sea creatures category. It re-appears as a fish in Pocket Camp.

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In Animal Forest e+

In Wild World

Blathers's comment is as follows:

"I think octopus, and I think fried octo-bits, eh wot? That said, I have to say my all-time favorite has to be octo-potpie. Hoo hoo!"

In City Folk

Blathers's comment is as follows:

"Ah, yes, hoo, the octopus. Did you know the blood of the octopus is actually colored blue? With its eight legs and predilection for spewing'd think people would be repulsed by it. And yet, perhaps due to its fetching shape, the octopus remains one of the most loved sea creatures!"

The octopus appears in the back tank, staying in the rock crevice towards the right. If the octopus is placed in a home, it appears in a medium square tank with rocks so it can live in the crevice.

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Octopus (fish) (Wild World).png "As intelligent as a ten-month-old human baby, they can change their colors to match their surroundings."
Size 23.4 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Fall to spring
Icon Octopus (fish) (Wild World icon).png

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Octopus (City Folk).png
"People think octopuses are red, but they change color to match their surroundings."
Size About 24 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Fall-Spring

Capture quotes

"夕コを つりあげた! これで もう、おスミつきだ!" —Animal Forest e+
"I caught an octopus! You're mine, suckers!" —Wild World
"I caught an octopus! Now it's a shockedopus!" —City Folk

Further information

Octopus rubescens

The octopus from the Animal Crossing series is the East Pacific Red Octopus, or Octopus rubescens. They generally grow to a mantle length of 8–10 cm, and arm length of 30–40 cm. Adult weight is generally 100-150 grams, however occasionally animals up to 400 grams in weight have been observed. Like all octopuses, O. rubescens can change its color and texture, making its appearance highly variable. Color can vary from a deep brick red, to brown, to white, or mottled mixtures of the three.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese タコ Tako
France French Pieuvre
Spain Spanish Pulpo
Germany German Krake
Italy Italian Polpo

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