Palm Tree
Flowurz2 coconut
Type Tree
Spawns On the island
Rarity Uncommon
Appearances Animal Forest,
Animal Forest+,
Animal Crossing,
Animal Forest e+,
Wild World,
City Folk,
New Leaf
Regional names Unknown

Palm trees are a special type of tree in the Animal Crossing series. Unlike Fruit Trees these can only grow in coastal beach acres, and bear only two fruits instead of three. In most games palm trees only bear Coconut, however a second type that bears Bananas were introduced in New Leaf.

Palm trees were originally much taller in the GCN games, their size decreasing as games progressed. Several bug and beetle species, from the coconut crab to the goliath beetle, require palm trees in order to appear.

Coconuts and bananas cannot be obtained from villagers, unlike other Fruit.

Coconut Palm

Coconut palms are the generic palm tree, bearing two coconuts on their branches.

In the Nintendo GameCube versions, coconuts can be obtained through the island. They may also be obtained through Tortimer Island in New Leaf if it is the native fruit. However, in Wild World and City Folk they can be found washed up on the beach instead of a regular Shell.

Tom Nook will buy coconuts for 500 Bells each.

Banana Palm

Banana tree

New banana trees in New Leaf

A second palm tree variety that bears bananas were introduced in New Leaf alongside 5 other new fruits. It is identical to the coconut palm, and like this tree will occur on Tortimer Island although never co-occurring.


  • Unlike banana palms in real life where it grows one leaf, the palm in Animal Crossing has multiple leaflets.
  • In real life, bananas grow upside down, where as in the game they grow hanging down


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