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Paper Scrap Resized

The paper scrap icon is identical to the petition form icon.

A paper scrap is a new trash item introduced in New Leaf. It is obtained by not filling out (or taking too long to fill out) a Petition Form issued by a villager. The villager will say that the player took too long to get the signatures for their petition and that they had to send the list already, both canceling the request and turning the petition form into a paper scrap. This item has no use other than being displayed in the player's house and is considered trash. It can be disposed of at Re-Tail for 120 Bells or thrown away in a Trash Can.


  • Waiting for a villager's petition task to run out of time is the only known way of obtaining a paper scrap in the game.
  • For some odd reason, if the player enters the house of the villager that gave them the petition and attempts to talk with them, the game will crash.
  • When displayed in a house, the paper scrap has no backside texture, and is also very thin.