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Paper kite butterfly Gallery

"I caught a paper kite butterfly! Do I read it, fly it, or spread it on toast?" —New Horizons

The paper kite butterfly (オオゴマダラ, Oogomadara?) is a bug that first appeared in New Horizons. It can be found flying around the island from mid-morning until the evening year-round.

Donation to the museum

In New Horizons

When either donating to the museum or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say (with abhorrence):

"With its black-and-white-striped wing pattern, the paper kite butterfly is both elegant and pretty... PRETTY POISONOUS I MEAN! Hoo dear! Where was I? Oh yes... Even this butterfly's black-and-white-striped larva and little golden pupae are toxic to predators. Indeed, the paper kite butterfly's foul flavor is famous, and thus birds, in particular, steer clear of the fiends. THIS bird most of all!"

Once donated, the paper kite butterfly can be found in the laboratory, having emerged from a cocoon.

Capture quotes

"I caught a paper kite butterfly! Do I read it, fly it, or spread it on toast?" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information

New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information
NH-encyclopedia-Paper kite butterfly.jpg
"I caught a paper kite butterfly! Do I read it, fly it, or spread it on toast?"
Current Active Hours 8am - 7pm
Months active (north) All year
Months active (south) All year

Further information

Paper kite butterfly.jpg

Idea leuconoe, the paper kite, rice paper or large tree nymph, is known especially for its presence in butterfly houses and live butterfly expositions. It has a wingspan of 12 to 14 cm. The paper kite is of Southeast Asian origin, but can also be found in Northern Australia and Southern Taiwan.

Larvae feed on ''Parsonsia'' species, ''Tylophora hispida'', ''Parsonsia helicandra'', ''Parsonsia spiralis'', and ''Cynanchum formosanum'' so both the butterfly and larva are poisonous. The paper kite butterfly's forewings and hindwings are translucent silvery white with black spots, similar to the ''Idea lynceus''.

In other languages

Paper kite butterfly
Language Name
Japan Japanese オオゴマダラ Ōgomadara
France French Grand planeur
Spain Spanish Mariposa cometa de papel (Sp.)
Mariposa papel de arroz (Am.)
Germany German Weiße Baumnymphe
Italy Italian Farfalla carta di riso
The Netherlands Dutch Papiervlinder
Russia Russian Идея левконоя Ideya levkonoya
China Chinese 大白斑蝶 Dàbáibāndié
South Korea Korean 왕얼룩나비 Wangeollungnabi

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