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A letter from the mother in Animal Crossing.

In the Animal Crossing series, the player's parents, referred to as Mom and Dad, occasionally write letters to them. Mom will write more often than Dad, who only writes on Father's Day, although more often in New Leaf. Mom will write a letter on Mother's Day also. While they are never seen, it can be assumed that they are humans, making them the only NPC humans in the entire series.


It's the start of softball season! I accidentally hit Agnes with the ball when I was pitching. Oops. She was really mad! ♥ Mom.
― Mom, Wild World

In all five Animal Crossing series games, the player will frequently receive in-game letters from Mom, purportedly the character's mother. Letters from Mom usually contain a small anecdote about life in the character's home prior to moving into the town; these anecdotes usually concern certain memories of the player that she has, a tale relating to "Dad", or some words of wisdom or guidance.

Mom will also occasionally send gifts in the mail, on the player's birthday, Toy Day, and on New Year's Day. Mom also sends Bells, non-native fruit, acorns, and mushrooms in the mail. Mom is never actually seen, nor is it known how/why the player came to move away from home in the first place. Outside of the letters, the player's mother is never brought up in conversation by any of the animals (except for when they might comment on items in the mom's set when in your house). It is also not possible to send letters back to Mom.

Mom will give the player a pink carnation on Mother's Day, which is one of the only ways to obtain it.


  • In Animal Forest e+, Mom will send the player a letter talking about a Bean Throwing Festival on February 3rd. Later, on July 7th, she will tell the player about the Festival of the Weaver.
  • In New Leaf, Mom will send the player a gift congratulating them on becoming mayor of the town, and will also send the player something each time they expand their home.
  • In New Horizons, Mom will send the player something on the first of every month, though it is possible that her letter might arrive a few days later even if the player plays every day.


Dad's letter

One of dad's letters in New Leaf

Dad is the father of the player in Animal Crossing series. He writes only on Father's Day, usually saying something like "See? Your Mom isn't the only writer in the family". Like Mom, he can't be seen and is merely a tiny part of the player's current life. In City Folk and New Leaf, he gives the player a red carnation during Father's Day and that is the only way to obtain the special flower. He is never mentioned in the game except during those times. In New Leaf, he will write a bit more often, sometimes including random furniture or stationery. Unlike the mother of the player, he will not send clothing.


  • Sometimes on Father's Day in New Leaf, your mom will write to you in place of your dad, but still mentions him, such as saying he's too "old fashioned" to tell you you are always welcome to come home if things are tough. Attached will still be the red carnation.


  • In New Horizons, the player says that the man-faced stink bug reminds them of their uncle, indicating that at least one of the parents has a brother, or a sibling who is married to a man.