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The player inside Nook's Cranny wearing a work uniform.

The part time job is an event that occurs at the beginning of most Animal Crossing games and serves as a tutorial. Upon moving into a town, Tom Nook will employ the player at his shop to help pay off their mortgage. The player must report to the store to begin working. Before being given the first task, Tom Nook gives the player a work uniform that must be worn as long as they hold their job. Most jobs are simple things, like delivering furniture or planting flowers. In City Folk, the city cannot be visited until the player has completed the part time job. After all of Tom Nook's tasks are completed, 1,400 Bells will have been deducted from the mortgage.

The part time job feature was eliminated in New Leaf, as Tom Nook does not own a store anymore. However Tom Nook does make a reference to his old way of giving the player a part time job in all the other Animal Crossing games, calling "low-pay, part-time employment" a slow way of earning bells. Instead, the job has been replaced by the optional Advice for Living Here event that Isabelle offers the player, which serves as that game's tutorial.

Jobs in Animal Crossing[]

  1. Change into work clothes.
  2. Plant flowers.
  3. Meet the townsfolk (including Mayor Tortimer) (If not met yet).
  4. Complete delivery runs (such as a piece of furniture or an Axe).
  5. Perform a task for a villager by asking them for a job.
  6. Write and send an advertisement letter for direct mailing to a specific villager.
  7. Advertise Tom Nook's Store on the Bulletin Board (nothing demeaning or embarrassing).

Jobs in Wild World[]

  1. Plant trees and flowers.
  2. Talk to everyone in town, including the Mayor (Only if not have greeted them before).
  3. Deliver a piece of furniture item to a villager.
  4. Send an advertisement letter via mail for Tom Nook's shop to a villager.
  5. Deliver a carpet to a villager.
  6. Deliver a tool to a villager (who is actually the same recipient of the letter delivery)
  7. Post an advertisement on the Bulletin Board for Tom Nook's shop.

Jobs in City Folk[]

  1. Change into the work uniform given by Tom Nook.
  2. Plant 7 flowers and saplings outside Nook's Cranny.
  3. Make a furniture delivery to a villager.
  4. Write and send an advertisement letter in the mail to a designated villager.
  5. Complete a carpet delivery to a villager.
  6. Deliver a tool to a villager (the same one the player wrote a letter to).
  7. Post an advertisement on the Bulletin Board.