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NH-Party Play

Playing in Party Mode with 4 players.

Party Play is a feature available through the NookPhone that allows the player to call up to 3 friends to explore the island together. There can only be four players on the island at a time. Party play does not require a Nintendo online membership.

Players are able to switch out who is the Leader, which is the person doing the main activities (crafting, talking with villagers, etc.) The other player(s), called followers, will be able to collect items and shake trees, but any items they collect will be put in the recycling bin to collect afterwards. Followers can not go through doors, talk to villagers, open their inventory, buy items, use their nookphone, or craft. If any player shakes a wasp nest out of a tree, or angers a scorpion or tarantula, the hostile bugs will always go after the leader. Mosquitoes will only attack the leader as well. Whenever the follower(s) get too far away from the leader (or vice versa) the follower(s) will teleport to the leader. This will also happen if the leader goes through a door. There is only one leader, though the leader can switch with another player of their choice. Followers can not make the leader change leadership. Party play can not be activated during a nook miles tour or the May day maze.