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Party Poppers are a festive handheld item. In City Folk, Wild World, the party popper, like the roman candle and the sparkler, is given to the player by Tortimer on New Year's Eve. In New Leaf it can be bought from the Nookling's Store for 300 bells during the month of December. In New Horizons, it can be bought at Nook's Cranny for 100 bells all year long.

When A is pressed, the player will pull the string and pop it, sending confetti and streamers flying out. The Party Popper, like the roman candle and the sparkler, will disappear from the player's hand when it has been used. Party Poppers can be kept and used whenever wanted. In City Folk and Wild World there is a sort of exploit, where the player drops their party popper, then talks to Tortimer again. This allows the player to obtain multiple party poppers of whatever quantity they desire.


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