ベルリーナ Berurīna
200px-Pave NL
"There is no right or wrong.
There is only Pavé.
Gender Male
Species Peacock
Service Festivale
Pavé Series
Birthday March 3rd
Coffee N/A
Appearances CF, NL, HHD, PC
Regional names Flag of Germany small Pavo
Flag of France small Roberto
Flag of Spain Conga
Flag of Italy small Pavão
Flag of South Korea 베르리나 Verorina


― Pavé, New Leaf
Pavé (ベルリーナ, Berurīna?) is a peacock character that appears in City Folk and New Leaf. His name may originate from the word pavão, which is Portuguese for peacock. He appears on the day of Festivale's as its special character.


Pavé is a peacock of a green, yellow, and turquoise coloration. Pavé appears to have a Portuguese accent or to be of Brazilian origin.

Candy & Feathers

Main article: Festivale

Candy in City Folk and feathers in New Leaf are won during the event of Festivale, and can be supplied to Pavé depending on the color that he requests. This will result in Pavé giving the player furniture from the Pavé Series. Candy can be received from buying it in Tom Nook's stores, from town villagers giving up their candy to the player, or from the Halloween and Bunny Day events, while feathers in New Leaf can be received by catching them with a net on the day of the Festivale.

After the Welcome Amiibo update, when visiting Pavé's Camper Van the description will say:

'While he's camping, Pavé can finally drop the act and relax completely. Just kidding - he's even more Pavé than ever. Viva Festivale!'

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#313 Pavé
Type Special
Star sign Pisces
Birthday 3/3
Roll value 1
Hand sign Paper
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 313 Pavé
312 Shrunk #313 Pavé 314 Gulliver


  • He was revealed along with Zipper T., the Easter Bunny, and Phineas, the sea lion, who are both new characters in City Folk.
  • In New Leaf Pavé has the voice of a peppy villager, despite being male.
  • He appears on the cover of K.K. Samba.
  • In New Leaf if the player wear's the Festivale outfit (Festivale Shirt, Pants and Accessory or Festivale Dress and Accessory), Pavé will recognize it and compliment the player as being "Festive".


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