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This article is about the deep-sea creature. For the shell found on the beach, see shells.
Pearl oyster (deep-sea creature) Gallery

"I got a pearl oyster! Aw, shucks. Don't clam up now!" —New Horizons

The pearl oyster is a benthic, found in New Leaf and New Horizons. Diving is the only way of capturing it. It is the living counterpart of the Pearl-oyster shell.

Donation to the museum[]

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this creature.

"Pearls are formed when mostly calcium carbonate and protein envelop foreign substances. Pearl oysters have numerous threadlike feet sticking out from their shell opening. These allow them to latch on to surrounding rocks and are actually surprisingly strong. Their abductor muscles are edible and are considered a delicious ingredient in some foods."

In New Horizons[]

Upon donation or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"Hoo, indeed, hoot! What a splendid pearl oyster! Did you know the famed pearl oyster can live for 40 years and grow up to a foot in size? 'Tis true, hootie-hoo! Of course, this briny bivalve is best known for the precious gems it grows within. The pearl-making process begins when an irritant gains access to the delicate insides of the oyster. The intruder is then covered with layer upon layer of "nacre," the same substance used to create its shell. It takes years for a pearl to form, but in the end, the irritant is rendered harmless. Ahh, if only we all had the power to turn things that annoy us... into things of beauty instead."

Capture Quotes[]

"I got a pearl oyster! Mostly I just wanted the pearl!" —New Leaf
"I got a pearl oyster! Aw, shucks. Don't clam up now!" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information[]

New Leaf[]

Deep-Sea Creature
Encyclopedia Information
"I got a pearl oyster! Mostly I just wanted the pearl!"
Size 10 cm
Time All day
Season All year

New Horizons[]

Deep-Sea Creature
Encyclopedia Information
Pearl oyster nh
"I got a pearl oyster! Aw shucks. Don't clam up now!"
Current Active Hours All day
Months active (north) All year
Months active (south) All year

Further Information[]

Main article: Pearl oyster on WikipediaPearl oysters are not closely related to either the edible oysters of family Ostreidae, or the freshwater pearl mussels of the families Unionidae and Margaritiferidae. All species within the genus produce pearls. Attempts have been made to harvest pearls commercially from many Pinctada species.

In other languages[]

pearl oyster
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese アコヤガイ akoyagai -
France French huître perlière -
Spain Spanish ostra perlera -
Germany German perlmuschel -
Italy Italian ostrica pinctada -
China Chinese 珠母蛤 zhūmǔgé -

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