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Pikmin has appeared many times in the Animal Crossing series. The things featured in this article are based off the Nintendo franchise of the same name.

Red Pikmin Hat[]

Dlc red Pikmin

Red Pikmin Hat

One of the most notable occurrences is the Red Pikmin hat. It covers the player's entire head except for the face. It has only a leaf, not a bulb or a flower, on the tip. This object was released on:

  • Japan; 24th to 31 December 2008
  • Europe & Australia; 6th to 19 February 2009
  • America; 25 March to 1 April 2009

Depending on where the player was determined which letter they received.

  • In America, it would have read:
Look what bloomed in
celebration of spring's
beginning--a Pikmin hat!
it won't make you immune
to fire, but hopefully it'll
put a spring in your step!
From Nintendo
  • In Europe or Australia, it would have read:
I found this odd little hat
on my travels - it looks
just like one of the cute
creatures I've met in outer
space! Have fun wearing it!
From Captain Olimar
  • In Japan, it would have read:
So many changes happened
around the world in this year.
What kind of changes happened around you?
We hope you enjoy changing
yourself a little with this gift.
Merry Christmas! From: Staff

Pikmin Garden[]

Pikmin garden

Planted Pikmin Garden.

There is also a small box with soil in it. Inside, there are 3 Pikmin planted on it. There, the player can see that there is a red Pikmin with a flower on it, a blue Pikmin with a leaf on it, and a yellow Pikmin with a bud on it. When the player interacts with it, a wind blows and they hear the word "Pikmin." This object can only be obtained in one of three ways: hacking into the game, getting it in Wild World from a special event or getting it from a fortune cookie in New Leaf.

Dolphin Model[]

In America, celebrating the first manned lunar landing, they have distributed a blue version of Captain Olimar's ship. From July 20 to August 3, the Dolphin Model was distributed to the people who have WiiConnect24 on.


When squashed, cockroaches will float away as ghosts, similar to the death of a Pikmin.