Pill bug
だんごむし Dangomushi
Pill bug encyclopedia (New Leaf)
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Location Price
Under rocks (Hit with shovel) 250 Bells
Size Available in rain
10 mm Yes
Time of year Time of day
All year All day
Scientific name Armadillidium vulgare
Family Armadillidiidae - Terrestrial Custaceans
Appearances AC, AFe+, WW, CF, NL
Rarity Uncommon (★★★)
Regional names Flag of France small Cloporte
Flag of Germany small Kugelassel
Flag of Spain Cochinilla
Flag of Italy small Porcellino di terra
"I caught a pill bug! I don't know... It seems nice to me!" —New Leaf

Pill bugs (だんごむし, Dangomushi?) are commonly found, land-dwelling crustaceans. They take shelter in dark, moist areas such as rocks in order to conserve water. Pill bugs appear in all games in the Animal Crossing series. This bug, like the centipede, is more common in the Winter and Spring months. The player can obtain a pill bug by hitting rocks with a shovel until they find one, similar to the strategy used when the player is looking for the bell rock.

Donation to the museum

As with all bugs in the Animal Crossing series, the pill bug can be donated to the Museum by talking to Blathers, who will give a small speech about it.

In Animal Crossing

"Tell me, <player>, have you ever turned a pill bug over and examined its repellant underside? The many of them...jerking...wiggling...writhing...Blech! Abhorrent! Wretched little monsters!"

In Wild World

"I'm sure you've had this happen: your pill bug won't roll up for some reason...and it's only later you discover it's a wood louse!...No? Never happen to you? Very well, I'm mad."

In City Folk

"Indeed, when they're all rolled up in a ball, pill bugs seem harmless enough... But flip them over and... OH, THOSE LEGS! Absolutely repugnant. Thinking about how they wriggle and squirm has my feathers crawling! Foulness! Hold a moment. I do rather poorly with shiny, wriggly, wretched creatures like this one."

In New Leaf

In New Leaf and information board in the bug exhibit will give information on this bug.

"Pill bugs live in moist places, which is why you will commonly find them under rocks and in stumps. When they're touched, they roll into a ball. Oddly enough, they're part of the crustacean family. As such, and since they don't like dry places, they can travel for a short time underwater if need be."

Capture quotes

"だんごむしを つかまえた! たべてはいけない!" —Animal Forest
"I caught a pill bug! I bet that's a bitter pill for it to swallow. (That was really awful.)" —Animal Crossing
"I caught a pill bug! Roll up if you're MINE!" —Wild World
"I caught a pill bug! Why don't you chill, bug?" —City Folk
"I caught a pill bug! I don't know... it seems nice to me!" —New Leaf

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Pill bug (Wild World) "Pill bugs are crustaceans, like shrimp or crabs. They breathe with gills, so they can survive under water."
Size 10 mm
Time All day
Season All year
Icon Pill bug (Wild World icon)

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Pill Bug (City Folk)
"Classified as crustaceans, these can survive in water by using gills."
Size About 10 mm
Time All day
Season All year

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Pill bug encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I caught a pill bug! I don't know... it seems nice to me!"
Size 14 mm
Time All day
Season All year


Further information

Real Pill Bug

A pill bug.

Pill bugs, Armadillidium vulgare, are from a group of crustaceans that have been known to exist for at least 300 million years. Many members of their family exist as marine crustaceans (Sea Slaters), but some have developed to live on the land while retaining their water-dependent lifestyle. Pill bugs can lay several hundred eggs at one time. Their characteristic defense mechanism, which involves rolling into a protective ball, is copied in-game. The pill bug rolls into a ball when a player approaches it, making it much easier to catch than other ground-dwelling bugs. Their close cousins woodlice are frequently mistaken for this bug and vice versa, but are easily seperated by their shape, color and lack of ability to roll up.

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