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The pirate series is a furniture and clothing set in New Horizons. These items are gifted to the player by Gullivarrr after they locate his missing communicator when diving.

This set is an addition to the the first wave of summer update.

None of the items are customizable but the clothing items such as the coats, robes, and bandannas come in different variations.


Item Name Image Sell Price Available From Color
Pirate-ship cannon NH-Furniture-Pirate-ship cannon 455 Bells Gullivarrr Brown and black
Pirate-treasure chest NH-Furniture-Pirate-treasure chest 20,000Bells Gullivarrr Gold, Brown and Grey
Sideways pirate barrel NH-Furniture-Sideways pirate barrel 200Bells Gullivarrr Brown and Grey
Pirate-ship helm NH-Furniture-Pirate-ship helm 280Bells Gullivarrr Light Brown
Pirate barrel NH-Furniture-Pirate barrel 200Bells Gullivarrr Brown and Tan
Pirate floor NH-Furniture-Pirate flooring 750Bells Gullivarrr Gold and light grey
Pirate wall NH-Furniture-Pirate wall 750Bells Gullivarrr Light blue and Dark brown
Pirate rug NH-Furniture-Pirate rug 375Bells Gullivarrr White and Brown

Clothing Items[]

Item Name Image Sell Price Available From Color
Pirate Eye patch NH-Clothing-Pirate eye patch 70Bells Gullivarrr Black/white skull
Pirate Dress NH-Dresses-Pirate dress (red) 750Bells Gullivarrr Multiple variations
Pirate Treasure Robe NH-Dresses-Pirate treasure robe 3000Bells Gullivarrr Gold, Green, White
Pirate Boots NH-Shoes-Pirate boots 660Bells Gullivarrr Light and dark brown
Pirate Pants NH-Clothing-Pirate pants 800Bells Gullivarrr Black and Gold
Pirate Bandanna NH-Clothing-Pirate bandana (red) 200Bells Gullivarrr Black, light blue, red
Pirate Beard NH-Clothing-Pirate beard 245Bells Gullivarrr Brown
Pirate Treasure Crown NH-Hats-Pirate treasure crown 2,500Bells Gullivarrr Silver
Pirate Outfit NH-Dresses-Pirate outfit (red) 630Bells Gullivarrr Black, light blue, red
Pirate Sea Captain Coat NH-Tops-Sea captain's coat (red) 1,200Bells Gullivarrr Black, light blue, red
Pirate Hat NH-Clothing-Pirate's hat 860Bells Gullivarrr Black and Yellow with white skull