Animal Crossing Wiki
February 19th - March 20th

February 19thFreckles the duck
February 20thSprinkle the penguin
February 21stPuck the penguin and Ganon the pig
February 22ndAvery the eagle
February 23rdPate the duck
February 24thAnicotti the mouse
February 25thHamphrey the hamster and Wendell
February 26thSheldon the squirrel and Wisp
February 27thRosie the cat
February 28thNaomi the cow
February 29thLuna
March 1stCoco the rabbit
March 2ndBarold the cub
March 3rdBonbon the rabbit and Pavé
March 4thAnchovy the bird
March 5thGala the pig

March 6thChevre the goat and Chai the elephant
March 7thMolly the duck and C.J.
March 8thZucker the octopus and Pete
March 9thCyrano the anteater
March 10thJudy the cub
March 11thZipper T. Bunny and Hopkins the rabbit
March 12thMidge the bird
March 13thMegan the bear
March 14thDotty the rabbit
March 15thJulian the horse
March 16thDoc the rabbit
March 17thCheri the cub
March 18thDom the sheep
March 19thMerengue the rhino and Pelly
March 20thHornsby the rhino

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