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Dal plane

A yellow plane on a players island

The plane is a form of transport introduced in New Horizons and is used to transport the player to different islands. The plane is run by Dodo Airlines and flown by Wilbur. The plane is a type of water plane that matches the color of the Deserted island airport. The plane will always have the Dodo Airline logo on the fin and the side.

The plane sits at the back of the building on a players island or next to a pier when on a Mystery tour

A cut scene when arriving at another players island or the players own island shows a birds eye view of the island and a shadow of the plane going over the island while Wilbur announces the island details.


Wilbur - Wilbur is the pilot of the plane in New Horizons. He stays in the communication tower until the player needs to fly. Wilbur will stand by the plane on the pier on Mystery Tours.


  • The plane is the only type of transport in the Animal Crossing Series that doesn't have an interior design seen by the character. It is also the only type that is never seen in motion except for the shadow.
  • In the official trailer for New Horizons there is a scene of a player looking out the window of a yellow plane, this is not in the actual game. 
  • The plane is only ever seen with the front facing the west.
  • Once a player travels in the plane, a contrail is seen in the sky on the island they are visiting or in their own island.