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The police station is a small building that first appears in Animal Crossing. The Police Station's purpose is to accommodate items for the lost & found, a service that stores items that may have been moved to free space for the homes of new villagers and the expansion of Tom Nook's store. The player can claim all of the items on display, free of charge. Twenty items can be stored in the police station at one time, after which the oldest ones are tossed away to make room for the new ones. Randomly generated items such as stationery, clothing and furniture can sometimes be found on display.

After the original Animal Crossing, the police station and the Train Station's functionality were merged and replaced by the town gate during Wild World and City Folk. In New Leaf, the two were separated once again and the Police Station made a return as an optional public works project.

In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing exterior.

Animal Crossing interior.

In Animal Crossing, the police station has the town map displayed on a board outside and a small paved area around it. Copper the dog stands outside to give the player information regarding events, while Booker waits within the building to assist the player with the Lost Property. Copper will thank the player for visiting after they exit the building.

In New Leaf

The Classic Police Station exterior in New Leaf.

The Police Station makes a return in New Leaf. In New Leaf, the Police Station is one of Public Works Projects that cannot be removed. This is requested by random types of villagers and costs 264,000 Bells. There are two models of the station, with Copper working inside the Modern Police Station, which is based on the Police Station in the GameCube game, and Booker running the Classic Police Station, a new and original design. However, the Mayor has to choose between either one of them, meaning that the player can only build one Police Station and only have either Booker or Copper, not both.

The modern police station exterior in New Leaf.

The only known ways to acquire a tricky pitfall seed are to acquire one from a police station or getting them from the island. Finding one on the island is rare, though.

Players visiting a town cannot take items from the shelves in that town's Police Station.

If an item (any item is possible) is laying on the ground, and either a new villager's house, public works project, or a special visitor (for example, Crazy Redd's, Katrina's tent, Nat's or Chip's tourney tent, Franklin's table, etc.) is set on top of that item, it will be sent to the lost and found section.



  • The interior floor plan of the police station is square, while the building's outside is a circle.
  • In Animal Forest+, it is called a Koban, which is a mini-police station in Japan.
  • The police station's music in New Leaf has some of Wild World and City Folk's town gate themes mixed in.

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