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Reading the DIY Recipe.

The Pretty Good Tools Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a recipe book that gives access to upgraded forms of the flimsy tools. These tools take the appearance of the default tools from previous Animal Crossing titles. The set includes:


Menu for upgrading a flimsy tool


After choosing to upgrade the tent to a house, Pretty Good Tools Recipes becomes available to purchase at the Nook Stop for 3,000 Nook Miles. Each tool requires its flimsy variant as well as 1 iron nugget to craft. The axe requires 3 wood as well.

Unlike the flimsy tools, the Pretty Good Tools aren't sold pre-made by Nook's Cranny, so players have to craft them themselves.


The primary benefit of the Pretty Good Tools is durability. The durability of the Pretty Good Tools is significantly greater than the flimsy tools. Players also don't have to spend bells to obtain tools.

The axe also has an extra advantage over its flimsy counterpart; it has the ability to chop down trees in three hits.

Players who don't want to chop down trees while harvesting wood can use the axe's counterpart, the stone axe. The stone axe has the same durability as the axe but doesn't chop down trees.