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Animal Crossing
Train Ride Train Arrival You Need a Place to Stay...
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It's Settled Then! Stop By My Shop Soon Working for Tom Nook
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Working for Tom Nook - e-Reader version
Wild World/City Folk
Cab (Wild World) Cab (Wild World) (No Radio Effect) Bus (City Folk)
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Looking for a House Got the House Working for Tom Nook
Film soundtrack - Part-time Work Film soundtrack - More Part-time Work Film soundtrack - Let's Work Part-time
New Leaf
Train Arriving Coming Out of the Station So This is Our New Mayor
Welcome to Our Village! (Mayor) Welcome to Our Village! (Player) Go See Tom Nook
Where Do You Want Your House? House Location Chosen After Choosing House Location
Sapling Ceremony 1 Sapling Ceremony 2 On This Day, You Become Mayor
New Horizons
Airport Counter Phase 1 Phase 2
Phase 3 Phase 4
Phase 5 (Sunny) Phase 5 (Rainy) Phase 5 (Snowy)
Phase 6 (Sunny) Phase 6 (Rainy) Phase 6 (Snowy)
Phase 7 (Sunny) Phase 7 (Rainy) Phase 7 (Snowy)
Campfire K.K. Slider Into Dreams