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"I caught a puffer fish! I thought you would be tougher, fish!" —New Horizons

The Puffer fish is a fish that appears in the ocean. It first appeared in Animal Forest e+ where it occurred in the seas around the Private Island all year. In all games starting with Wild World, it can be found in town ocean as well. Puffer fish can be found between the months of July and September. It is uncommon in all games.

Donation to the museum[]

In Animal Forest e+[]

Wild World[]

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"Puffer fish are tastier then they look, you know! Not at all rubbery! Just imagine if you could inflate them, THEN eat them! POP! Delicious! That would be a hit with the kids, eh wot?"

In City Folk[]

Upon donating the puffer fish to Blathers in the museum, he will say:

"If you actually bother to count them, the average puffer fish is said to have around 400 spines on it. Oh, and in case you don't know, while the puffer fish may look like a blowfish, it is NOT poisonous. So, on the whole, this fish is much less fearsome than it looks... Or perhaps it just believes in fair play, wot?"

It can be found in the back ocean tank, with other ocean fish. It spends time as the non-puffed fish, then will puff up and show its spines when another fish comes too close.

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"As expected, all puffer fish are covered in spines. While related to the blowfish, they are not poisonous. Exaggerated claims about the fish say they have 1,000 spines; the true number is between 300 and 400. When threatened, they suck in water and air to puff themselves up in order to intimidate enemies."

In New Horizons[]

Upon donation or selecting "Tell me about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"Like its cousin the blowfish, when the puffer fish feels threatened it inflates into a spiky balloon. The biggest difference between them is that the puffer fish is not deadly poisonous like its kin. So while it may look scary, the substantially reduced risk to life and limb makes it much better company."

Capture quotes[]

"I caught a puffer fish! So cute! So painful!" —Wild World
"I caught a puffer fish! Aww... Or should I say 'OW?!'" —City Folk
"I caught a puffer fish! Ouch!" —New Leaf
"I caught a puffer fish! I thought you would be tougher, fish!" —New Horizons
Japanese Quotes

「ハリセンボンを 釣り上げた! イタ~イ!」 —Animal Forest e+

"I caught a pufferfish! It huuuurts!" (translation)

Encyclopedia information[]

Wild World[]

Encyclopedia Information
Puffer fish (Wild World) "Each puffer fish has about 400 needles. They're related to blowfish, but aren't poisonous.."
Size 13.7 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Summer
Icon Puffer fish (Wild World icon)

City Folk[]

Encyclopedia Information
Puffer Fish (City Folk)
"I caught a puffer fish! Aww... Or should I say 'OW?!'"
Size About 14 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Summer

New Leaf[]

Encyclopedia Information
Puffer fish encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I caught a puffer fish! Ouch!"
Size About 14 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Summer

New Horizons[]

Encyclopedia Information
55. Igelfisch
"I caught a puffer fish! I thought you would be tougher, fish!"
Habitat Ocean
Months active (north) Unknown
Months active (south) January to March


  • The encyclopedic entry for the puffer fish in New Horizons shown is the puffer fish while it is not inflated, which would be in its natural state. Catching a puffer fish in the game is inflated.

Further information[]

Main article: Puffer Fish on Wikipedia
Puffer fish

A real-life puffer fish.

As a defense mechanism, puffers have the ability to inflate rapidly, filling their extremely elastic stomachs with water (or air when outside the water) until they are almost spherical in shape. Thus, a hungry predator stalking the puffers may suddenly find itself facing what seems to be a much larger fish and pause, giving the puffers an opportunity to retreat to safety. When lifted out of water there is a risk that puffers may inflate with air. This may result in problems deflating again afterward. When this happens with aquarium specimens, the recommended course of action for fish keepers is to hold the puffer underwater by the tail, head upwards, and shake the fish gently until the air escapes out of the mouth.

In other languages[]

Puffer fish
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ハリセンボン Harisenbon -
France French Poisson-porc-épic -
Spain Spanish Pez erizo -
Germany German Igelfisch -
Italy Italian Pesce istrice -
The Netherlands Dutch Egelvis -
China Chinese 刺豚 Cìtún -
South Korea Korean 가시복 Gasibo -

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