Ramp example

Ramps are a type of geography that will appear in all Animal Crossing series games except in Wild World. In New Leaf and Wild World, the towns are smaller, and there is only one level. As its name implies, a ramp is a sloping piece of land, usually covered in grass, that connects the higher and lower parts of town. Because it is sloped, it causes sport balls and snowballs to roll down, making it hard to bring them up it. Each town has two ramps, one on each side of town in Animal Crossing and City Folk.

Clovers, weeds, flowers, items, and cracks can be placed or appear on the ramps. They are often used as a strategy to catch a tarantula or scorpion. In New Leaf, there are two ramps for each town and are only used as a transition between the town and beach. When someone is following the player in New Leaf, like KatieTom Nook, or Isabelle, they will ask if the player wants them to stop following, as there is no good reason to take them to the beach. In Animal Crossing, it is possible to have three layers of the town, which makes the maximum number of ramps per town six.

In City Folk

There are fourteen known ramp styles in City Folk, which are as follows:

RiverOceanHolding PondPondWaterfallBayTropical Seas
TreePalmCliffRampCanyonBeachGrassGrass DeteriorationIsland
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