Re-Tail is a new store introduced in New Leaf. The store is run by two alpacas, Reese and Cyrus, who also make their debut appearance. It is one of the initial stores in the game and is located outside of Main Street, away from the other stores.


Reese's Services

Reese serves a role similar to Tom Nook in previous games, and buys items off the player for their full value. A chalkboard sign outside the store lists premium items which can be sold to Reese for double the value. There is usually only one item on the board unless the wealthy town ordinance is enacted (which will increase the list quantity by 1), or if several people have been tagged through StreetPass.

The player can additionally buy and sell items present in the store in the form of the flea market. There are 8 slots in total, 4 in the middle and 4 near the top-left of the store. Interacting with any slot will prompt Reese to ask the player to place something in the flea market. An empty slot can be occupied by any applicable sellable item (except bugs, fish, and exclusive Nintendo items), and the price of the item can be adjusted between 1 bell and ~99,999 bells. If the player accepts the request to sell an item, Reese will then place the pricetag on the presented item, and the selected slot will be occupied by said item. Once the player interacts with any item presented in the store, they may buy the item, and it will state the previous owner of said item. If they previously owned it, they can choose to adjust the existing price or take it home for free.

Reese is also the contact for the stalk market and states the current market value of turnips both in the morning and when the prices change after noon. She buys turnips according to these prices. Unlike Tom Nook, Reese charges the player for disposing of trash items.

Cyrus' Services

Cyrus, the blue alpaca, is the upholster and is in charge of altering furniture. He is initially unavailable until the following conditions are met:

  1. 100,000 Bells worth of items have been sold to Reese.
  2. 50 pieces of furniture have been cataloged (found at the Nookling stores).
  3. 10 pieces of clothing cataloged (from the Able Sisters).
  4. The player has played for seven days.

Cyrus can customize furniture with pre-selected designs, clothing, or custom patterns. Certain furniture items can be also be customized using ore, which gives them a shiny metallic or crystal appearance depending on the ore involved. Additionally Cyrus can create the following unique items not available anywhere else:

  1. Miniature fossil models, requiring the respective fossil set and ten percent of the set's price.
  2. Music boxes, requiring a giant clam shell, a K.K. Slider song of players choice, and 3,000 bells.
  3. Golden Series furniture, requiring 3 gold nuggets and 10,000 bells per piece.
  4. Remaking with gems, any furniture consisting of lovely, cabana, modern, blue, green, fruit and chess pieces and a fee up to 1,000 bells

It takes Cyrus 30 minutes to complete a furniture request, and he will accept unlimited requests per day. However, he will not take requests if the store closing time is exceeded.


  • The initial price suggested when an item is put in the flea market is its regular resell value. Villagers are still willing to purchase items for a lot more than that price. The equation is Y = min(4X - 1 , 10.000) with X being the amount of bells that Reese suggests, and Y being the maximum amount of Bells the player can get for it. That means that an item can be sold for 1 Bell less than 4 times the price Reese suggests for the item, as long as the price will stay beneath 10.000. The maximum profit is achieved on an item worth 2,500 bells.
  • The player can push other villagers towards items as another way to suggest they buy them. If an exclamation mark appears over their head, it means they are interested in the item.
  • If a villager buys an item, they will pay the player directly. If a visiting player buys an item this way, the money will be transferred to the player's bank deposit instead.
    • If the player's wallet would over-fill after being paid directly, the money will be transferred to their bank account the next day.


  • The name R. Parkers is thought to be a pun on the word "alpaca," the species of Reese and Cyrus (or Lisa and Kaizo, as they are named in the Japanese version). However, since the Japanese language has one alveolar consonant in place for both "L" and "R", the name is "R. Parkers" and not "L. Parkers." The "R" is also used in the typography of the store's sign in the Japanese version to create an alpaca.
  • Items sold to Reese fetch 100% of their resell value, whereas the same item sold at Nookling stores will fetch 20% less due to Timmy and Tommy utilizing Re-Tail's services as well. Selling through the Nooklings also misses out on possible premium sales.
  • Re-Tail will always have a pond to either the right or left side of the entrance. However, the shape of the pond varies between three different shapes.
  • When customizing giant furniture items, Cyrus will lament that the object cannot fit into his workroom and he puts up a sign with the Re-Tail logo instead. When the project is finished, a cyan box will be shown in the object's place.
  • The highest amount of money you can get by selling items at Re-Tail is a whopping 11,520,000 bells. It can happen like this. This will cost a lot of money though, with the total cost calculating at 19,220,000 bells.
    • One royal crown sells for 300,000 bells.
    • If you have 16 royal crowns, the sell price is 4,800,000 bells.
    • If hats are a premium item that day, you get 9,600,000 bells
    • And finally, if the Bell Boom Ordinance is enacted, you get 11,520,000 bells.



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