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Rebuilding a Town is an option in every Animal Crossing series game so far. Whilst the game is starting up there is two dialogues of continuing to play in the player's current town and one to view other options. When going onto other options it gives the player a choice to re-create the town. Doing so will cause Rover, Isabelle, or a villager depending on which game, will explain the meaning of rebuilding, along the lines of everything dissapearing and a fresh new canvas.

During the process of restarting the current saved file/town will all be wiped out. This includes villagers, houses, money, and furniture. All the progress the player has made ever in the game gets deleted and starts out like a new copy of the game.  

After the release of the Welcome amiibo update, players can sell their towns to Tom Nook. This will only occur if their town is at level 3.

  • If the player attempts to sell/delete their town at a lower level, it will not trigger the event to sell your town, causing loss of data forever!
  • If the player is on Nintendo DS their four villagers will not be there anymore.

Other losses includes:

  • Characters forget you.
  • Characters move back into your town.
  • Renaming the town.