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"I got a red king crab! It's royally flushed." —New Horizons

The red king crab is a benthic animal found at the bottom of the ocean in New Leaf and New Horizons. Diving is the only way of capturing it.

Donation to the museum

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this creature.

"These are one of the most popular and sought-after species of crab in the world. They have eight legs, including their claws, but also two small legs under their carapace, making 10 in all. At full size, their leg span can easily reach more than one yard wide, making them big ocean dwellers. Their thick legs are packed with meat, making them a prized catch for many fishers around the world."

In New Horizons

Upon donation or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"The red king crab is a mighty crustacean to be sure. Though it must be said that there is some debate about its royal lineage. King crabs, unlike other crabs, are thought to be descended from hermit crabs, you see. And have you noticed... GASP! They have but eight legs, though conventional crabs have 10! It matters not, I say. For the red king crab is as regal as can be. Weighing up to 20 pounds with a leg span reaching five feet... I bow to this crab's nobility."

Encyclopedia Information

New Leaf

Deep-Sea Creature
Encyclopedia Information
"I got a red king crab! Nice to meet you, Your Highness!"
Size 22 inches
Time All day
Season Winter-Spring

New Horizons

Deep-Sea Creature
Encyclopedia Information
Red King Crab NH.png
"I got a red king crab! It's royally flushed."
Current Active Hours All day
Months active (north) Nov–Mar
Months active (south) June-Sept

Further information

A red king crab in real life.

Main article: Red king crab on Wikipedia

The red king crab is native to the Bering Sea. It grows to a leg span of 5.9 ft. (1.8 m.) and is the most coveted of king crab in the commercial food industry. The king crab is native to the Bering Sea, north Pacific Ocean, around the Kamchatka Peninsula and neighboring Alaskan waters. It is the most coveted of the commercially sold king crab species, and is the most expensive per unit weight.

In other languages

red king crab
Language Name
Japan Japanese タラバガニ tarabagani
France French crabe royal
Germany German königskrabbe
Italy Italian granchio gigante
China Chinese 帝王蟹 dìwángxiè

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