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Red Turnip (Wild World) Red turnips are a type of turnip only in Wild World and City Folk. Joan sells one red turnip seed each Sunday for 1,000 Bells, although she may not always have a seed in stock.

The seed can be planted in the ground like saplings and must be watered every day. Once planted, the turnip cannot be moved or replanted, only dug up with a shovel. If the player misses a day of watering or time travels to a different day, the turnip will wither and rot. In City Folk, a withered red turnip can be revived with a silver watering can.

A full-size red turnip sells for a maximum of 16,000 Bells, making a profit of 15,000. Tom Nook will buy the different size Red Turnips for the following prices:

Day Sale price
(seed) 2 Bells
One day of growth 20 Bells
Two days of growth 100 Bells
Three days of growth 500 Bells
Four days of growth 2,000 Bells
Five days of growth 4,000 Bells
Six days of growth 8,000 Bells
Seven or more days of growth 16,000 Bells

The player can continue watering red turnips beyond seven days, but they won't get any additional growth or profit out of them.

A red turnip must be fed to Wendell as part of the Golden Axe Trading Event, so it is advisable to save at least one seed, as the turnips themselves cannot be stored.

In other languages[]

Red turnip
Language Name Translation
Spain Spanish Nabo rojo -
Germany German Rote Rübe -