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Instead of tryin' to decide if it's real or not, it's more important to decide if ya really like it or not.
― Redd, New Leaf

Redd (つねきち, Tsunekichi?), also known as Crazy Redd and Jolly Redd, is an untrustworthy kitsune, or fox, in the Animal Crossing series. He runs the illicit furniture shops Crazy Redd's and Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler, where he is known to sell both authentic and counterfeit paintings and sculptures along with very overpriced furniture items. Certain items in his inventory are considered "special" Redd items, which have an HRA bonus.

He has a sneaky, sleazy, crafty, and sarcastic personality. When the player leaves his store without buying anything, he will say 'thanks a lot...' in a sarcastic way. But if the player does buy something, he will give them a sincere thank you. He is thought to be 35 in Wild World, as two passwords state Redd is that age. He considers Tom Nook as competition, referring to him as "that raccoon in an apron."


Redd is a dark orange fox or "kitsune", with a white belly, black slits as eyes, and a brown nose. The inside of his ears is purple, and he has a matching dark orange tail with a white, fluffy tail-tip. Redd also wears a blue apron, like Tom Nook, but instead of the white leaf that is like his competitor, the white leaf on Redd's apron is like that of a ginkgo biloba tree's leaf.


Through the Animal Crossing series, Redd owns small businesses that makes most of its profits from its customers by price gouging. Unlike Tom Nook, Redd charges for admission into some of his shops, and on an invite-only basis. He tends to pressure players into buying his wares by concocting stories, claiming the price is a "discount", and lying about his products.


In Animal Crossing[]

Redd GC
Talking to Redd AF

Redd as seen in Animal Forest.

In Animal Crossing, Crazy Redd owns a tent suspiciously labelled the "Black Market" - the "Black" being crossed out clumsily in red marker. His name could be a reference to this, making it the "Redd" Market. When he shows up in town, Redd sends the player a letter telling them the date at which he will arrive. On this date, the player will have to wander around town until finding him in a random spot. He will occasionally sell paintings. Unlike in other games, Redd has a "B" (possibly standing for "black", as in "black market") on his apron.


Redd during the Fireworks Show

Redd also runs a stand during the Fireworks Show, where he sells novelty items, such as balloons and pinwheels.

In Wild World[]


Redd in Wild World.

In Wild World, Redd appears once a week on a specific day (which the player can choose by speaking with Lyle) and sets his tent up outside the Town Hall. On the first week of his arrival, the player will not know the password required to enter, and so will have to ask the villagers. A random villager will have the password, not necessarily the closest friend of the player. After reciting the password correctly to Redd, the tent will open and allow the player in. The player will then be asked to pay 3,000 Bells in order to use his store.

If they do not agree to this, the player will not be allowed to purchase anything, and will have to inquire with the villagers next week for another password.

Once the player becomes a member of his "family", Redd will send them a weekly letter, received on the day before he arrives, with a new password.

It is believed that Redd is in cahoots with Lyle, who offers forgery insurance. Insurance can only be bought weekly at a price which does not cover for the cost of buying a forged painting, meaning both Lyle and Redd have made a profit at the expense of the player. This belief is also upheld by how Redd knows the day of the week on which he should come to the town, which matches with the day the player selected when talking to Lyle.

Redd's age is implied by a password to be 35, though this is never verified.

In City Folk[]

Redd as he appears in City Folk.

In City Folk, Redd owns a small shop on the left of the city, in what villagers call a "dark alley". To get into his shop, a villager or friend would need to send an invitation to the player. This replaces the secret password in Wild World. After buying something, Redd will give the player an invitation to send to other players - If they visit Redd's, he would give 1,000 Bells to the player. The entry fee is 3,000 Bells. Redd changes his inventory every Wednesday. You can also send invites to other players on your island, friends, or villagers, though the villagers will write back saying they already have a membership.

He appears to have no connection with Lyle, who now runs the Happy Room Academy in the city. Therefore, insurance does not exist and any forgeries cannot be refunded at all. Most of the time when he guarantees its value, it's real.

In New Leaf[]

Redd New Leaf

In New Leaf, Redd returns to the tent business, setting up in the Event Plaza. He specializes in the art department now, only selling paintings and the newly added statues. Some paintings and statues are always genuine, but most can be forgeries. However, forgeries now have noticeable cosmetic differences from the real version to make it less luck-based. The fake versions of the normal items are a separate collectable item. Unlike the statues there are certain paintings which are now always genuine. His store runs on a "one-a-day" policy, where he only allows customers to buy one item per day. To prevent loopholes, any item purchased from Redd in one town counts in all others, therefore ensuring that a single player can only purchase a single item from him each day. He also mails purchases to the player's mailbox the following day, rather than giving the purchases to the player straightaway (marking purchased artwork with a special note).

He also appears at New Year's Eve and Fireworks Show at the plaza, where he sells hats for 300 Bells at the former and Redd's Cookies for 500 bells at the latter.

In New Horizons[]


In New Horizons, Redd has rebranded himself as "Jolly Redd" and runs his black market shop out of an old fishing boat called "Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler" that anchors at the secret beach on the northern coast of the island. Redd was not initially present in the game and was added with the Earth Day update (1.2.0).

When the player encounters Redd for the first time, he will be wandering around the player's island. He will offer to sell the player a painting, which is always genuine in this first encounter. His boat appears in the northern secret beach but cannot be entered if he is present on the island. Later on Redd will open up his boat and offer four pieces of art and two pieces of furniture. A genuine piece art is not guaranteed per visit and sometimes there can be more than one real piece available.

In addition to the Summer Update (wave 2), Redd becomes the host of the Fireworks Show, which occurs on Sunday evenings in the month of August. Redd sets up his booth at the Resident Services plaza, where he offers players the chance to win raffle prizes. Each raffle ticket will cost 500 bells and grant the player a specific item. He was also featured in the 1.11.0 Free update, again running Redd's Raffle and handing out prizes after a 500-bell ticket is spent. This time, the addition of boba tea drinks, frozen treats, and cotton candies can be noted.

Should the player attempt to invite Redd to the campsite by scanning his amiibo, he will have the following to say:

"Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler. We sell masterpieces by the great masters, plus stuff for your master bedroom.
Oh, it's you! know we don't do refunds, right? O-of course you do. So how can I help you?
Your wha? Campsite? Sure, cousin, I can help you furnish your...oh, you want me to STAY there?
You know I'd really love to, but, uh... Oh, a customer just walked in. Sorry, I gotta deal with this. Take care!"

In Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori[]

Redd appears in Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori, where he suckers Yu and Alfonso into buying a fake Golden Slingshot during the Fireworks Show, for which he charged them 3,500 bells. Redd insists that the Golden Slingshot is one of a kind, while in reality, he had an entire box filled with them in his tent.



e-Card [1]
Ac A067 Screen Shot
Ac A067 bk
#067 Redd
Gender Male
Type Special
Star sign Libra
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password HB#N8yngeWwhYZ
Profile When Redd's travelling tent of "bargains" comes to your town, prepare to break out your wallet. This slightly seedy merchant's prices generally aren't quite as incredible as he would have you believe, so buyer beware.
Ac A067
066 Jingle #067 Redd 068 Olivia

Fireworks Show[]

e-Card [2]
Ac A203 Screen Shot
Ac A203 bk
#203 Redd
Gender Male
Type Special
Star sign Libra
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password xAABuH8eIVumo2
Profile Crazy Redd wants you to buy, buy, buy. But the black market prices are high, high, high. So don't be distracted by the trickets he hawks. See if you can't sniff out that one, rare gem he's selling in his tent
Ac A203
202 Gracie #203 Redd 204 Jack

amiibo Card[]

amiibo Card[3]
Amiibo card back
#012 Redd
Type Special
Star sign Libra
Birthday 10/18
Roll value 5
Hand sign Rock
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 012 Crazy Redd
011 Harriet #012 Redd 013 Saharah
amiibo Card[4]
Amiibo card back
#315 Redd
Type Special
Star sign Libra
Birthday 10/18
Roll value 4
Hand sign Rock
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 315 Redd
314 Gulliver #315 Redd 316 Zipper

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Redd can both be seen as a trophy, and as a spectator in Smashville.

Trophy Information[]

The owner and proprietor of Crazy Redd's Emporium, which sells furniture acquired on the black market. It's said he's famous in the underworld. He drops by once a week and sets up his tent in front of the town hall. His shop's full of rare items, but the prices are high. It's open until midnight, an hour longer than Tom Nook's place, which pleases night players.


  • Redd, in many ways, is similar to Tom Nook:
    • His symbol is the leaf of the Ginkgo Tree, similar to Nook's recognizable leaf symbol.
    • His store's tune in Animal Crossing was Nook's Cranny's theme in opposite pitch and they used the same instruments.
    • Additionally, in the Japanese release, both of them are members of mythical species from Japanese folklore. Redd is a kitsune and Nook is a tanuki.
  • Redd shares being based off of a famous literary work, along with Gulliver. In the first part of Dante's epic poem the Divine Comedy, Dante's Inferno, an underworld demon called Rubicante was considered a grafter. A grafter is a person who sells things through unfair or illegal means, and Rubicante is italian for "Crazyred".
  • Redd being a fox could also be a reference to a Red Fox, a type of fox species. His appearance supports this claim as well.
  • Redd being a fox is most likely a reference to the actor Redd Foxx, who in the sitcom Sanford and Son played the owner of a junk yard, Fred Sanford, who was known for attempting to scam people out of money. Their personalities also seem to be very similar, supporting this claim.
  • Redd may be a reference to the Tekiya, a historical Japanese caste of nomadic merchants. They would travel the countryside, setting up stalls and booths in towns during festivals, and leave shortly after. They had a reputation for being swindlers and were known for shoddy, stolen or overpriced merchandise.
  • It is interesting to note that Redd bears some resemblance to a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series known as Keaton.
  • It is possible that Redd's character was also influenced by "Honest John", a character from the Disney movie Pinocchio. Like Redd, Honest John is a fox who has a swindling and deceptive personality, as well as the both of them having an adjective preceding their names. However, since the depiction of foxes being deceptive is age-old and spans across many cultures, it’s possible that this similarity is a complete coincidence.
  • The name Jolly Redd could possibly be a reference to Jolly Roger, a flag and symbol that is synonymous with pirates.
  • Redd shares his birthday with the lazy gorilla Al, on October 18.
  • His catchphrase, "cousin" bares a striking resemblance to the character Reynard in a medieval tale called Reynard the Fox. Reynard similarly calls most other characters "cousin" as well; especially when he is about to deceive them.
  • His picture quote is similar to Coach the jock bull's. Redd says "Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, stop foolin' me." However, Coach's picture quote is opposite in saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
  • In New Leaf, he has the voice of a lazy villager.
  • In New Horizons, he has the voice of a sisterly villager, except pitched up, despite sisterly viiiagers being females.
  • In Wild World, it is hinted that his age is 35; this is because one of Redd's passwords is "Crazy Redd is 35".
    • It is interesting to note that he and Blathers are the only two characters with implied ages. In the backstories that Blathers tells, he says he is still in his twenties, while Redd says he is 35.
  • In Happy Home Designer, when speaking to Sow Joan, she contemplates of retiring, but then reasons that says she can not think of finding a replacement. She points out "that wicked fox" offered to take her place, but she makes it very obvious that she doesn't trust him. Also, she may hint that she has put down booby-traps to protect her turnips from "turnip-nappers," pointedly saying "Like that no-good fox. Ooh, if I ever get a-hold of him, I'll knock the sly smirk right off his snout!" There are some other things that Joan says are against foxes, warning the player "Just don't be a fox, kiddo."
  • In Pocket Camp, there is a harmonious amenity called "Redd's shrine" which features statues of Redd.
  • Sometimes, during the early stages of any player's journey through New Horizons, Redd's boat will be moored in its usual spot, however Redd himself will be wandering around. If this happens on a rainy day, Redd will be walking about, carrying a busted umbrella, which may reference his squalor-like living conditions.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese つねきち Tsunekichi -
France French Rounard -
Spain Spanish Ladino -
Germany German Reiner -
Italy Italian Volpolo -
China Chinese 狐利 Hú lì -
South Korea Korean 여욱 -


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