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For the New Leaf Redd's Raffle, see Redd's Cookie.
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Fireworks Booth[]

With the implementation of the 1.4 summer update (wave 2), Redd will have a prize booth set up in front of the Resident Services building in the plaza. This occurs every Sunday in August for the Fireworks Show. Each time players must spend 500 Bells. There is a total of 12 new items with different animations and variations.


  1. Red sparkler
  2. Blue sparkler
  3. Fountain firework
  4. Bubble blower
  5. Uchiwa fan
  6. Pinwheel
  7. Tweeter
  8. Blue balloon
  9. Red balloon
  10. Yellow balloon
  11. Green balloon
  12. Pink balloon
  13. Ramune-soda frozen treat
  14. Orange frozen treat
  15. Chocolate frozen treat
  16. Plain cotton candy
  17. Melon cotton candy
  18. Ramune-soda cotton candy
  19. Strawberry cotton candy
  20. Boba milk tea
  21. Boba coffee
  22. Boba strawberry tea
  23. Boba mango tea
  24. Boba green tea

Plaza Booth[]

In the 2.0 update the Plaza was added along with Redd's unlockable raffle booth that costs 100,000 Bells to unlock. Like the Fireworks booth players must spend 500 Bells per ticket. There are a total of 8 new items with lots of different variations.

  1. peachy-pink folding fan
  2. sky-blue folding fan
  3. grass-green folding fan
  4. bitter-orange folding fan
  5. vanilla cone
  6. chocolate cone
  7. strawberry cone
  8. ramune-soda-lemon cone
  9. melon-cheesecake cone
  10. orange-mint cone
  11. vanilla soft serve
  12. chocolate soft serve
  13. matcha-vanilla soft serve
  14. berry-vanilla soft serve
  15. rainbow soft serve
  16. canned orange juice
  17. canned grape juice
  18. canned apple juice
  19. canned green tea
  20. canned tea
  21. canned coffee
  22. canned sports drink
  23. canned soda
  24. chocolate donut
  25. matcha donut
  26. strawberry donut
  27. white-chocolate donut
  28. pocketbook
  29. pocket magazine
  30. colorful light stick