おさい Osai
Renée HD
"Reckless youth makes rueful age."
Gender Personality Species
Female Uchi Rhino
Birthday May 28th (Gemini)
Initial phrase "yo yo yo"
Initial clothes Sailor's Tee
Home request A vacant lot
Skill Making puns
Goal Marathon runner
Coffee Kilimanjaro,
The regular amount of milk,
2 spoonfuls of sugar
Style Rock 'n' roll
Favorite song Surfin' K.K.
Appearances NL, HHD
Regional names Flag of France small Rina
Flag of Germany small Ilona
Flag of Spain Rina
Flag of Italy small Renata

When it happens, you'll be like, "Man, I'm glad I took care of those little flower dudes!" Yo yo yo!
― Renée, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Renée (おさい, Osai?) is an uchi rhino villager who first appeared in New Leaf. As of New Leaf, she is the only uchi rhino.


Renée is an entirely lavender rhino with a white horn and hooves. She has a mop of bright, pink hair and wears pink blush. Her eyes appear half-lidded with eyelashes only on the bottom. Her initial clothing is the sailor's shirt.


Below is a brief description of the uchi personality. For more information, click here.
Renée is an uchi ("big sister") villager. When befriended, she will give the player fighting tips and teach them ways to relax. Renée will also give the player medicine if they are stung by a bee. Like all uchi villagers Renée is tough, but she will still care deeply about her appearance. Renée has a tendency to stay up very late at night. It is easy to get her picture since developing friendships with uchi villagers is simple due to her caring and protective nature.

Renée will treat the player with respect and will even offer to fight off anyone giving the player trouble. Renée may get along with jock villagers who share her love of sports, lazy villagers for how laid-back they are, and peppy villagers. However, she may conflict with snooty and cranky villagers, who spread rumors about others, and she may have trouble getting along with normal villagers.


Renée's house is similar to an outdoor schoolyard. There is a chalkboard in the middle, as well as a garbage can beside it. She also has a school chair, and a ringside table with a cassette player on it, this Cassette Player plays Surfin' K.K. There is also a manhole in front of the chalkboard. Renee's house is one of the emptiest houses in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#026 Renée
Type Rhino
Star sign Gemini
Birthday 5/28
Roll value 3
Hand sign Rock
Request A vacant lot
Amiibo 026 Renée
025 Al #026 Renée 027 Lopez