Open your eyes, kid! Trip's over!
― Operator, New Horizons
The Rescue Service is an app in New Horizons that is found on The NookPhone which allows the player to be transported back to a safe location if they are lost or stuck. This service is unlocked when the player first gets the NookPhone. The player can choose where they are transported to, the choices being their home, the plaza, the shop or the a cost of 100 Nook Miles. For players who cannot afford the price, the player cannot choose where they end up. This service may also be used by an Innovative player to quickly Travel.

The identity of the Operator is hinted to be Resetti, a recurring character in the Animal Crossing series, a character who lectured players who don't save their gameplay. His function was changed due to the autosave feature of New Horizons. The music that plays when he appears to help the player now is a remix of his theme from previous games. Occasionally, a different voice will be heard when the player calls the Rescue Service, heavily implied to be Don Resetti, given the other voice's similar speaking style to Resetti.


  • The first-ever reveal of the Rescue Service was found in a New Horizons Direct on February 20th, 2020.
  • The appearance of the app's icon features a helicopter that appears to have mole whiskers and a miner's helmet, most likely to reference Resetti being the operator.
  • The first time that the player uses the Rescue Service without the sufficient amount of 100 Nook Miles, the operator refers to himself as Resetti.
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