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The Reset Surveillance Center is a location that can be found throughout the Animal Crossing series, but is notably absent in Wild World and New Horizons.

The appearance of the Reset Surveillance Center has stayed relatively similar through out every iteration of the Animal Crossing series in which it has appeared, having two chairs and a pair of lockers. The Reset Surveillance Center is the headquarters and home of Sonny Resetti (Mr. Resetti) and Don Resetti, commonly referred to as the Resetti Brothers' home base. It is possible for the player to enter the Reset Surveillance Center more than once, each time revealing a different dialogue from Resetti and Don.


In Animal Forest e+[]

In Animal Forest e+, the Surveillance Center is scheduled to be found once every week. The player must have reset at least two times and have spoken to either Resetti or Don in the past 7 days for the rock to appear on its scheduled day. After doing so, save and reset on the current day and then check every rock in town. Then check each rock again each subsequent day for a week until one finally cracks. Hitting it again will cause the rock to break, revealing a hole to the Reset Surveillance Center.

Depending on how many times the player has visited it, Resetti, Don, or both may appear. The dialog changes depending on the number of times the player has visited.

In City Folk[]

The Center re-appears in City Folk, and can be found in the City. The location is not always available but can be accessed on random evenings after 8 PM by walking along the sidewalk towards the right of the City. Normally cones will block this area, but sometimes they will be spread out allowing the player to continue walking. A bright light will also illuminate the end of the sidewalk if the player is allowed to enter. If the player goes in, either Resetti himself or Don will be there.

Both are uncomfortable with the player being inside the Center and will prefer that they do not hang around. Eventually, they will give the player a Silver Shovel to persuade them to leave.

After the player meets Don Resetti, the player may be able to access the Resetti Center where both of the Resetti Brothers will be sitting in the two chairs. After talking to one of them, a conversation will commence, shortly followed by the Reset Alarm. The player will see a sequence of what happens when a player resets their game.

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, the Resetti Surveillance Center is available and facilitated to all players through the means of the public works project, which can be built for 368,000 Bells. It can be placed anywhere in town and appears as a manhole upon completion. The project becomes available after the player quits without saving the first time. During the next loading of the town, Resetti will appear to suggest the project.

The hole will lead the player into the Surveillance Center, where they can meet Resetti or his brother, Don Resetti. Mr. Resetti will occasionally be seen singing, dancing, or watching TV; when speaking to him, he will shoo the player, and lecture them for trespassing.

The Reset Surveillance Center may, on occasion, open on the evening (specifically between 9:00 PM and 12:00 AM) after a day of clear weather if the town gates are initially closed. The weather must either have been raining or snowing in town the day before or prior to 6:00 AM of the following day. Only one out the four players available in each town can be granted admission of entry to the location at the limited disposal time available. Six and seven visits by the player will allow them to obtain pictures from both Mr. Resetti and Don Resetti respectively.

The area can be visited several times. The main room of the Reset Surveillance Center changes from visit to visit, and Mr. Resetti (and sometimes also Don Resetti) will appear. After speaking out his initial conversation, he will warn the player to leave if interacting with him again.

  • On the player's first visit, Mr. Resetti will be watching television, and will talk a bit about his career.
  • On the player's second visit, he will complain to the player about his lack of exercise during the closure of the Reset Surveillance Center.
  • More information is to be researched about subsequent visits...
For a specified gallery of individual visits to the Reset Surveillance Center, see Resetti/Gallery/RSC Visits.


  • The reset center is the only public works project for which a ceremony cannot be held in New Leaf.
  • After building the Reset Surveillance Center in New Leaf, talking to Isabelle again at the mayor's desk simply goes straight to her normal responses.

In other languages[]

Reset Surveillance Center
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese リセット監視センター {{{jp r}}} -
France French Centre Resetti -
Spain Spanish Centro de Vigilancia de Reseteos -
Germany German Büro für unerlaubtes Ausschalten -
South Korea Korean 리셋 감시 센터 -