Resident Services is the main hub for the island's development in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the equivalent of the Town Hall in previous games. It begins as a small tent in a cleared area, but as the island grows, it is upgraded to a permanent building with a paved plaza. It is open at all hours of the day.


NH-Icon-Nook's Cranny tent.pngTent

The Resident Services tent is the first version of Resident Services. Tom Nook and the Nooklings set up shop here, offering a free DIY crafting table, the Nook Stop, and a recycling bin. Tom Nook offers DIY workshops, guides the player in developing the island, and conducts ceremonies for the opening of new infrastructure, while Timmy has a small selection of items for sale and will purchase items from the player. After Nook's Cranny is constructed, Timmy and Tommy will move their business there.

NH-Icon-Resident Services.png Building

After the player has completed Nook's Cranny, opened the Museum, and three more villagers have moved to the island, Tom Nook will decide to construct a permanent Resident Services building. When finished, all the services that the tent offered except for Timmy's store continue, but Isabelle now works alongside Tom Nook as support staff. Isabelle offers island evaluations, allows the player to change the island's flag and tune, and can also be asked to force specific villagers to revert to their default outfits and catchphrases. Tom Nook additionally offers infrastructure projects such as building new bridges and ramps, or moving houses and most buildings to new sites.

During most events Isabelle will remain outside for certain events such as the fireworks festival, meaning that island evaluation as well as the ability to change the island's flag and/or tune, and reverting villagers to default outfits and catchphrases are unavailable for the day. Because of this, the only service that remains available is Tom Nook's construction consultation. Resident Services are also closed on New Year's Eve.

Plaza visitors

Several visitors will appear in the Resident Services plaza randomly or on special occasions.


  • Mabel: Visits after Nook's Cranny is built. Continues to appear until the player purchases items from her on two separate visits. On the next visit, she will ask the player to place a plot for the Able Sisters shop, after which she will cease to appear in the plaza.
  • Label: Visits randomly after the Able Sisters shop is built. When visiting, she will give the player clothes and ask them to model and outfit for her.
  • Kicks: Visits randomly after the Able Sisters shop is built. Kicks sells bags, socks and shoes that cannot otherwise be found at the Able Sisters.
  • Leif: Visits randomly from the start of the game. He is guaranteed to visit during a week when Nature Day is being celebrated. He sells in-season shrub starters and flower seeds that are otherwise hard to find in the Nook's Cranny.
  • K.K. Slider: First visits on the day after receiving a 3-star Island evaluation. From then on, he is guaranteed to appear every Saturday. Sometimes he will appear on Sunday if there is an event that requires use of the plaza on Saturday, or on Monday should the entire weekend be is filled with events.

Event hosts

Islander activities

Throughout the day, provided there is no event in the plaza and enough villagers awake and outside, villagers will occasionally gather in the Resident Services plaza for various leisure activities. Some of these activities may add temporary features to the plaza, such as a bench. The player cannot participate, but can still speak to the villagers normally.

  • 1-2 villagers sitting on a bench and drinking beverages
  • 3 villagers gathered around a grill
  • 1-3 villagers singing, with other villagers watching
  • 1-3 villagers exercising
  • 1-3 villagers running across the plaza
  • 1-3 villagers sitting with sunglasses on, facing the direction of the sun for tanning
  • 1-3 villagers sweeping the plaza with a broom


  • After Resident Services is upgraded to a building, Isabelle will keep a potted plant on her half of the counter that changes with the seasons: orange tulips during spring, red roses during summer, pink cosmos during fall, and blue pansies during winter.
  • Before Resident Services becomes a building, Tom Nook will do the daily broadcasts. After it is a building, Isabelle takes his place and does the broadcasts instead.


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