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This article is about the snooty chicken villager. If you were looking for the normal rhino villager, please see here.
ブイヨン Buiyon
Gender Personality Species
Female Snooty Chicken
Birthday March 31st (Aries)
Initial phrase clucky
Initial clothes Red Tie-Dye
Favorite song The K. Funk
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+
Regional names Flag of Spain Pochola

How could I have fallen for such a childish trick!?
― Rhoda, in a pitfall trap in Animal Crossing
Rhoda (ブイヨン Buiyon?, Bouillon) is a snooty chicken villager from the Animal Crossing series series, only making an appearance in the early versions of the Animal Crossing series. Her name may be a pun of the breed of chicken, Rhode Island Red. Her initial phrase is a reference to the sound chickens make, "cluck".


Rhoda is a blue chicken with a red comb. She also has a red beak, and rosy pink cheeks. She has yellow details on her feathers, as well as yellow feet. Due to her cheery appearance, she could easily be mistaken for a normal or peppy villager. Rhoda initially wears the Red Tie-Die Tee.


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.

Rhoda is often angry or frustrated after talking to other villagers. She is extremely unfriendly and sometimes condescending. If you talk to her more, she will open up somewhat, but will still be occasionally offensive. She will enjoy gossiping and make-up. Rhoda won't get along with jock villagers who will question her on her physical appearance, and she won't get along with lazy villagers who won't care about their appearance. However, Rhoda will get along with other cranky villagers due to their similar rude and cold personalities, and she will get along with other snooty villagers since they share the same interest.


In Animal Crossing, Rhoda has the Kitschy wallpaper and the Stone flooring. She has two plants from the Bonsai Set on the left side of the back wall. With one space separation, on the right side of the back wall, Rhoda has a jade, gold, jade chair arrangement from the Econo-Chair Set. In the middle of the room, she has placed two identical Daffodil Tables from the Daffodil Set. There are four outfits in her room, two on the middle right wall and two on the lower left wall. At the bottom right hand corner, there is a Regal Vanity from the Regal Series. At the right side of the door is the ruby econo chair, a completion of the Econo-Chair Set. In the middle of the left wall, there is a Dice Stereo that plays The K. Funk.

In another game, inside her house, she has the Kitschy wallpaper. Most of her furniture includes the Econo series with two Lovely tables. She has The K. Funk playing in her Tape Deck as well.


Ac A029 Screen Shot
The Back Of Rhoda's E-Reader Card
#029 Rhoda
Gender Female
Type Chicken
Star sign Aries
Clothes Red tie-dye
Petphrase clucky
Password 2#gGVTIx48UTTJ
Profile Rhoda feels that she is the only well bred hen in the hen house, which explains her snooty attitude. You'd better not comment on her flashy clothes, or you'll really get her feathers in a ruffle.
Rhoda's E-Reader Card
028 Pigleg #029 Rhoda 030 Plucky


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