Rice grasshopper
イナゴ Inago
Rice grasshopper
Location Price
On the ground 400 Bells
Size Available in rain
25mm Yes
Time of year Time of day
August to November 8am-7pm
Scientific name  Oxya japonica
Family Acrididae
Appearances NL
Rarity Uncommon (★★★)
Regional names Flag of France small Criquet
Flag of Germany small Heuschrecke
Flag of Italy small Locusta
Flag of Spain Langosta
"I caught a rice grasshopper! Now I just need a soy sauce mantis!" —New Leaf

The rice grasshopper (イナゴ, Inago?) is a bug that appears in New Leaf. Like many locusts and the grasshopper, the rice grasshopper has the tendency to jump into water to escape from the player.

Donation to the museum

In New Leaf

Upon donation to the Museum, the information board in the bug exhibit says:

"Rice grasshoppers are typically known as pests that eat farmers' crop, making them undesirable. But they're also edible, and boiling them in soy sauce is a typical way to prepare them in certain regions. While they are generally green, their shells will turn a darker color when heavily crowded in groups."

Encyclopedia information

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Rice grasshopper
"I caught a rice grasshopper! Now I just need a soy sauce mantis!"
Size 25mm
Time Morning-Evening
Season Fall


Further information

Oxya japonica (known as the hanenaga inago in Japan) can be found in Japan, Southeast Asia, China, and as far west as India and Sri Lanka. It can sometimes be found in Australia. It causes extensive crop damage in Southeast Asia.


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