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Always keep your wings manicured so you can fly away!
― Robin, Wild World

Robin (パーチク, Pāchiku?) is a snooty bird villager in the Animal Crossing series, appearing in all of the games. Her name comes from the type of bird she is, a robin. Her catchphrase, "la-di-da," comes from a verbal interpretation of singing, an activity birds perform on a regular basis, and la-di-da means to have a pretentious attitude, matching her snooty personality. She has the fashion hobby.


Robin GC

Robin in Animal Crossing

Robin, like her name, is a robin, with a red jawline, a tuft of light blue hair and a white abdomen. Robin has a big yellow beak, and her initial shirt is the Kiwi shirt. Robin also has navy blue over her eyes. She is somewhat similar in appearance to another bird, Jay. The tips of her wings fade from dark blue, to light blue, to white.


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.
Robin has a snooty personality, which means she loves make-up and gossiping. As a snooty villager, Robin will first appear rude and arrogant towards the player, often talking about herself and her own experiences. She also speaks about the style and appearance of other villagers, usually other female villagers such as normal, peppy, and other snooty villagers. She will soon warm up to the player, confiding in them about their own feelings but still keeping subtly rude. Robin will not get along with lazy villagers due to them not caring about their appearance or the lazy villagers hating what she eats, and she won't get along with jock villagers because they will question her on her physical appearance and they won't worry about fashion. However, she will get along with cranky villagers due to their similar rude personalities, and usually normal villagers as well.


Her house has a living room theme, made of mostly brown colored items; she is also noted to have more birdcages than any other villager, having three in the Animal Crossing, two initially in Wild World and City Folk, but only one in New Leaf. Robin has K.K. Bossa playing on a turntable in every main game she has appeared in.

In New Horizons, her house retains a similar color scheme, but its black furniture makes the room resemble a modern spa. Her turntable now plays K.K. Cruisin' instead.

House of Robin Robin House
Animal Crossing (interior) Wild World & City Folk (interior)
New Leaf (interior)
NH-Robin-House NH-Robin-Exterior
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

Pocket Camp

Robin's preferred theme is historical. Her profile says:

If anyone could make a feather boa an elegant accessory, it would be Robin.

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 5

Furniture/Item Required Materials Price (Bells) Craft Time
Zen Bench 15 paper, 15 wood 670 2 hours, 30 minutes
Zen Tea Set 3 preserves, 3 wood 370 1 minute
Low Screen 6 wood 400 1 minute
Retro Fridge 6 wood 590 1 minute
Rock-Garden Rug 30 steel 1,330 3 hours, 30 minutes

Friendship Rewards

At level 7 friendship, she will reward you with a kiwi tee and sparkle stones (x1).

At level 9, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 10, she will request that you craft a zen bell.

At level 20, she will reward you with pic of Robin and sparkle stones (x1).

At level 25, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 30, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 35, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 40, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 45, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).


Ac A268 Screen Shot
Ac A268 bk
#268 Robin
Gender Female
Type Bird
Star sign Sagittarius
Clothes Kiwi shirt
Petphrase Ta-di-da
Password KfsjUOWLunt&Gk
Profile Robin has several bird cages in her home. But wait a minute! She's a bird too! Are those her babies locked up in cages? That doesn't sound right. Oh, I get it... They're empty! What a relief!
Ac A268
267 Petunia #268 Robin 269 Wart Jr.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#400 Robin
Type Bird
Star sign Saggitarius
Birthday 12/4
Roll value 3
Hand sign Scissors
Request A country teahouse
Amiibo 400 Robin
399 Twiggy #400 Robin 401 Isabelle


In other languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese パーチク Pāchiku
Flag of France small French Robie
Flag of Spain Spanish Aria
Flag of Germany small German Jule
Flag of Italy small Italian Rossana
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Robin
Flagofchinasmall Chinese 喳喳 Zhāzhā
Flag of South Korea Korean 파틱 Pati

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