Rocks, also known as giant rocks, are natural objects that appear in every Animal Crossing series game. Permanent rocks are impassable and cannot be destroyed, although in Animal Forest e+ one rock can be removed for a single day in order to access the Resetti Surveillance Center. Rocks are randomly generated at town creation, and vary in number from 5 to 10.

As rocks are solid objects, items cannot be dropped on the space they occupy, and nor will tree saplings grow on or adjacent to them. In New Leaf they obstruct Public Works Projects. As of the Welcome amiibo update to New Leaf rocks are now objects the player can sit on.

Three species of bugs occur in rocks: pill bugs, centipedes, and house centipedes. These bugs, if present, are only revealed if the rock is struck with a shovel or axe.


Bell Rock

Bell Rock
Main article: Money Rock

Once a day a random rock in the player's town is generated as a money or "bell rock". Bell rocks are identical to regular rocks except that when struck, they turn red and will drop increasing amounts of Bells into adjacent spaces. Once a rock has been struck there are about 10 seconds to knock out as many bells as possible. Once the timer has expired the rock will lose its red coloration and return to a "regular" rock.

The exact values of the Bells varies between games. In New Leaf when a money rock is initially struck with a silver or gold shovel all bell drops may be replaced with ore instead.

Ore Rock

Ore Rock

Breaking apart an Ore Rock

In New Leaf a "fake" rock will generate randomly in the town each day. This rock is identical to normal rocks but is often recognized as it occupies an empty place where a rock was previously not found. When struck with a shovel or axe this rock will shatter and drop a random ore.

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