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#28 Rockin' K.K.
NH-Album Cover-Rockin' K.K..png
Games AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF, NL, HHD, NH, SSBB, SSB4, SSBU
Mood I feel good!
Owned by Chief (NH), Freya (CF, NL), Joey (AC), Pudge, Rolf (CF), Rosie (CF), Samson (NH), Sylvia
Characters on cover K.K.
Live Version Aircheck Version Music Box
Aircheck ("Cheap") Aircheck ("Phono") Aircheck ("Retro")
DJ K.K. House Mix DJ K.K. NES Mix
Rockin' K.K.
Language Name
Japan Japanese けけのロケンロール Keke no rokenrōru
France French Bouge avec Kéké
Spain Spanish Tota-total
Germany German K.K. Rocksong
Italy Italian K.K. Spericolato
The Netherlands Dutch K.K.-rock-'n-roll
Russia Russian К. К. в ударе К. К. v udare
China Chinese K.K.50年代摇滚 K.K. 50 Niándài yáogǔn
South Korea Korean K.K.로큰롤 K.K. Lokeunlol


  • On the album art introduced in New Horizons, K.K.'s pose is likely a reference to Chuck Berry.
  • The name of this song may be a reference to the PSI move PSI Rockin from Earthbound, as this song sounds very similar to New Age Retro Hippie from that same game.