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In New Horizons, the player may acquire rugs which can be placed inside their home. Rugs may not overlap each other but can be placed under furniture items.

Rug Sources[]


Saharah will sell rugs to the player, alongside the wallpaper and flooring for which they are known.

They will offer to sell the player three different sizes of rug: A small rug for 1,000 Bells, a medium rug for 1,500 Bells, or a large rug for 2,000 Bells.

Each type of rug will grant the player a rug of that size, as well as a preset amount of Saharah Tickets that the player can then exchange for Wallpaper or Flooring. A small rug will grant 1 Ticket, a medium rug will grant 2 Tickets, and a large rug will grant 3 tickets. 5 Tickets are required for an exchange. The merchandise that Saharah sells will change on each visit, however, the rugs and mysterious wallpaper/flooring will be the same for anyone who purchases them from her on that particular visit. Rugs can be purchased multiple times, though, if the player has already purchased that sized rug during Saharah's current visit, Saharah will confirm the style of rug with the player before completing the sale.

Confirmed Possible Rugs from Saharah[]

Small Rugs[]
  • Black Wooden-Deck Rug
  • Brown Kitchen Mat
  • Iron Entrance Mat
  • Ivory Simple Bath Mat
  • Oval Entrance Mat
  • Red Message Mat
  • Red-Design Kitchen Mat
  • Rough Rug
  • Simple Green Bath Mat
  • Simple Navy Bath Mat
  • Simple Pink Bath Mat
  • Simple Small Brown Mat
  • Simple Small Orange Mat
  • Simple Small Purple Mat
  • Yellow-Design Kitchen Mat
  • Yellow Message Mat
  • Yellow Vinyl Sheet
Medium Rugs[]
  • Aluminum Rug
  • Blue Blocks Rug
  • Blue medium round mat
  • Blue Vinyl Sheet
  • Brown Wooden-Deck Rug
  • Earth Rug
  • Fossil rug
  • Green shaggy rug
  • Green stripes rug
  • Lacy Rug
  • Magic-Circle Rug
  • Mush Rug
  • Pink heart rug
  • Red Blocks Rug
  • Red Vinyl Sheet
  • Retro dotted rug
  • Simple Avocado Mat
  • Simple Medium Brown Mat
  • Simple Medium Orange Mat
  • Sloppy rug
  • Yellow checkered rug
  • Yellow Rose Rug
  • Yellow Vinyl Sheet
  • White Rose Rug
  • White Wooden-Deck Rug
  • White Heart Rug
Large Rugs[]
  • Blue Argyle Rug
  • Blue Kilim-Style Carpet
  • Botanical Rug
  • Brown Shaggy Rug
  • Green Kilim- Style Rug
  • Green Shaggy Rug
  • Modern Wavy Rug
  • Monochromatic Dotted Rug
  • Monochromatic Wavy Rug
  • Peach Checked Rug
  • Purple Persian Rug
  • Purple Shaggy Rug
  • Red Persian Rug
  • Sloppy Rug
  • Shanty Mat
  • Yellow Argyle Rug
  • Yellow Kilim-Style Carpet
  • Yellow Persian rug

Nook Stop[]

Rugs can also be purchased by redeeming Nook Miles at the Nook_Stop.

Item Miles Cost
Nook Inc. silk rug* 600 NH-Icon-Nook Miles
Nook Inc. botanical rug 1,000 NH-Icon-Nook Miles
Nook Inc. rug 1,000 NH-Icon-Nook Miles

Nook Inc. silk rug unlocked by navigating to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons page on the Nintendo eShop via your Switch console, where it is listed as free DLC for Nintendo Online subscribers.


Rugs can also be crafted after acquiring the associated DIY recipe.

Item Dimensions Materials
Light bamboo rug 3.0x2.0 Young spring bamboo x6
Shell rug 3.0x3.0 giant clam x3
Bunny Day rug 3.0x3.0 Earth egg x1, stone egg x1, leaf egg x1, wood egg x1, sky egg x1, water egg x1

Fishing Tourney[]

In the Fishing Tourney, one of the prizes you get is the Fish rug.

Bug Off[]

One of the items the player can receive is a Ladybug rug.