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Saharah (ローラン, Rōran?, Roland) is a camel in the Animal Crossing series that trades in rare carpets and wallpaper to the player. She has a different service in each Animal Crossing series game. She is beige with a white stomach. She wears a blue vest and has a white pack of flooring and wallpapers on their back.

Her name is derived from the Sahara Desert in Africa. Like how Savannah is often spelled Savanna, Saharah's name is sometimes missing the final 'h' in villager conversations.


Saharah is a yellow-brown camel, with short brown hair and a white belly. Her hooves are white and the insides of her ears are magenta. Saharah's eyes appear to be closed because she has thick, long black eyelashes. She wears a turquoise waistcoat with gold decoration, and a white backpack that carries the carpets she will sell.


In Animal Crossing

In the original Animal Crossing, Saharah makes her living selling rare and exotic carpets from faraway lands. Like most of the game's other special characters, Saharah sells items that cannot be found anywhere else. She does, however, have a different way of doing business than Tom Nook; she accepts trade-ins. In order to get one of her carpets, the player must trade in one of the player's own carpets along with some money. Her prices start at 3000 Bells and double with every trade up until 48,000 bells. Though localized as female, she retains the male voice from the Japanese version.

In Wild World

Saharah appears on the east of the cover for Wild World

In Wild World, Saharah returns and this time she gives rare wallpapers and carpets. Instead of trade-ins, she will ask the player to deliver carpet and wallpaper to special characters such as Blathers, the Able Sisters, Tom Nook, Pelly, and Phyllis, similar to the way that the player works for Tom Nook earlier in the game. In return, she will allow you to choose between a carpet and a wallpaper.

She plays a part in the Golden Axe Trading Event, which involves the player trading various items to other special characters in hopes of being given a Golden Axe. When the player gets to know Saharah, she will talk about how they "long for a turban."

In City Folk

Bud attempts to describe Saharah to the player

In City Folk, Saharah returns and once again accepts trade-ins. Though the player does not have to pay, she asks for old wallpaper or carpet, which can be obtained from other villagers around town, however, only one or two villagers will have them. If the player saves three of these old wallpapers or carpets every time Saharah visits, Saharah will give them a special gift. If the player tries to give Saharah a wallpaper or carpet from their home or Tom Nook's Store, Saharah will say that it is "still lovely!" but not accept it. Jock villagers refer to Saharah as the "lady with the burly eyelashes".

In New Leaf

Saharah asking a player if this is their house.

Saharah plays a similar role in New Leaf, but instead of accepting trade-ins or direct purchases, she will replace both the wallpaper and flooring of a player's house for a fee. The player will occasionally find Saharah walking around town, and Saharah will offer to redecorate the player's wallpaper and carpet. If the player agrees to pay 3,000 bells, Saharah will follow the player to their house and redecorate the interior with a random carpet and wallpaper combination. When Saharah is done, she will give back the player's old wallpaper and carpet. Saharah speaks in a shortened, almost fractured English even more so than in previous games, emphasizing their distance from home.

In New Horizons

Main article: Saharah Ticket

Saharah selling rugs to a player, in New Horizons.

In New Horizons, Saharah has similar function as the original Animal Crossing title. She sells rugs of three different sizes at three different prices, as well as wallpaper and flooring for 3,000 bells each. While Saharah no longer accepts trade-ins, the trade-in function is replaced by Saharah Tickets, which are given to the player after purchasing a rug and can be exchanged for additional wallpaper and flooring. Saharah retains her fractured speech patterns from New Leaf and has a random chance of appearing on the player's island every day.

A large rug costs 2,000 bells and will give the player 3 Saharah Tickets, a medium rug costs 1,500 bells and grants the player 2 Saharah Tickets, and a small rug costs 1,000 bells for just 1 Saharah Ticket. The type of rug is only revealed after purchasing, and Saharah will only sell the same three rugs in any given visit. If the player attempts to purchase a duplicate rug, Saharah will confirm the style of the rug before completing the sale.

A maximum of 2 Mysterious Wallpaper and 2 Mysterious Flooring can be acquired per visit from Saharah: one set by using Saharah Tickets, the other by purchasing for 3,000 Bells each. The wallpaper and flooring purchased with bells will be the same across players purchasing from Saharah visiting the same island, but the Mysterious Wallpaper and Flooring obtained from exchanging tickets will be randomized.


e-Card [1]
Ac A064 Screen Shot.png
Ac A064 bk.jpg
#064 Saharah
Gender Female
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password O#x7W3OssHRKT#
Profile Saharah travels the world bartering rare carpets. Her trade-in deals are good to begin with, but she has a habit of jacking up the prices for repeat costumers. It's anybody's guess how many rugs she has in that bag.
Ac A064.jpg
063 Copper #064 Saharah 065 Joan

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[2]
Amiibo card back.png
#012 Saharah
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Birthday 11/10
Roll value 4
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 013 Saharah.png
011 Redd #012 Saharah 013 Luna


  • Despite being female in the English localization, Saharah is referred to as male in the Prima Official Strategy Guide for Animal Crossing.
  • According to cranky villagers in City Folk, Saharah's accent is fake. They claim that Saharah used to do stand-up comedy in the The Marquee and didn't have an accent.
  • There is an easy way to get many old carpets in one visit. First a player must get a old carpet from another player, and get more carpets from different players. Then drop the extra carpets and have the person that is the lead player to get the exotic carpet pick up the other carpets and then give them to Saharah to get a rare carpet.
  • Saharah refers to Tom Nook as "King Nook".
  • Saharah shares a birthday with Rodney. Both have a birthday on November 10th.
  • She is featured on the cover of K.K. Condor.
  • In New Horizons, she has the voice of a Snooty villager.
  • In New Leaf, Saharah frowns in anger if you use positive emotions, and laughs if you use negative ones, similar to Phyllis.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese ローラン Rōran
France French Sarah
Spain Spanish Alcatifa
Germany German Aziza
Italy Italian Sahara
The Netherlands Dutch Saharah
China Chinese 骆岚/骆嵐 luò lán
South Korea Korean 사하라 Sahala


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