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Saharah Tickets are tickets given to the player by Saharah in New Horizons which allow the player to claim wallpaper, rugs, and flooring from Saharah without spending Bells.


A Saharah Ticket appears as a red ticket with yellow or gold lining around the edges. It can be put into home storage, dropped on the ground, and picked up.


Saharah Ticket in inventory

Player with a Saharah Ticket in their inventory

Saharah gifts these tickets to players in addition to any purchase of a rug. The number of tickets she gives the player will depend on the size of rug.

  • When you purchase a small rug, she rewards you with 1 ticket.
  • When you purchase a medium rug, she rewards you with 2 tickets.
  • When you purchase a large rug, she rewards you with 3 tickets.

5 tickets can be exchanged for a free Mysterious Flooring or Mysterious Wallpaper. Saharah will prompt you to spend the tickets (though you can choose not to) when you speak to her with 5 tickets in your pockets (note that she does not count tickets that are in storage). If the player already has at least 5 tickets, there will be an option to exchange the tickets.


  • The Saharah Ticket uses the same overlay of the Nook Miles Ticket, the tailors ticket and the Dream Bell Exchange Ticket.
  • The wallpapers and floorings that you can buy from Saharah are different from those that you exchange.
  • The Saharah Tickets can be used on any day, as long as Saharah is on the island.