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Saltwater Shores (しおかぜビーチ, Shiokaze Bēchi?, Sea Breeze Beach) is a location in Pocket Camp where the player can catch saltwater fish and interact with villagers. Saltwater Shores is a beach with docks to the right and a lighthouse further right. There are also coconuts and shells that the player can collect.

Villagers will often mention the lighthouse and wonder who's controlling it. According to the villagers the logs on the beach are debris however, it isn't actually mentioned where the logs came from.



In other languages

Saltwater Shores
Language Name
Japan Japanese しおかぜビーチ Shiokaze Bēchi, Sea Breeze Beach
France French Côte d'Écume
Spain Spanish Cala Salada
Germany German Salzwasserküste
Italy Italian Cala Salmastra
South Korea Korean 바닷바람 해변