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"I caught a saw stag! Is carpentry big in the bug world?" —New Leaf

The saw stag (ノコギリクワガタ, Nokogirikuwagata?) is a bug that has appeared in all Animal Crossing series games to date. Prior to New Leaf, it was known as the saw stag beetle. It can be sold to Tom Nook for 2,000 Bells. In Wild World and subsequent games, it can be found all day long.

Donation to the museum

Blathers will comment on the donation to the Museum as follows:

In Animal Crossing

"They're called beetles, wot? The lugs of the insect world. Insects with armor plating in their backs, you know. Their armor, it... opens up, revealing wings. Featherless wings. Which they use to fly! It's really quite unnatural. Then there's that thin, membrane-like covering where their heads connect to their bodies. Most foul!"

In Wild World

"<player>, have you ever had a saw stag beetle adhere to your clothes? Their little claws are so sharp, it's nigh impossible to untangle the wretches. It's terribly rude, really. It's not enough to be vile, they must be clingy, too!"

In City Folk

"The saw stag beetle's most distinguishing feature is its large, curved jaw, wot? The larger the specimen, the more teeth in its jaw. Among collectors, the teeth settle a specimen's worth. I don't suppose bugs have dentists... Hoo, I'm quite sure that would be the worst job of all time."

After donation, the saw stag beetle can be found on the top tier of the insect section, on the fourth tree from the lantern on the left side.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the bug exhibit will list information about this bug.

"The most distinguishing feature of saw stags are their large, curved jaws. The inner parts of their jaws look like saws, which is how they get their moniker. When they feel vibrations, they stop moving right away and feign death as a defense mechanism."

In New Horizons

In New Horizons, upon donation or selecting "Tell me about this!", Blathers the curator will say (with abhorrence):

"The saw stag got its name from the shape of its pincers. That is, its pincers look like jagged staws! And I tell you, the bigger the beetle, the more saw-like teeth its giant jaws have. I saw the saw stag seems more at home in a horror film than in nature. I have terrified myself just talking about it."

Capture quotes

"Yes! I caught a saw stag beetle! Look at those mandibles!" —Animal Crossing
"Right on! I caught a saw stag beetle! Look at its chin... what an amazing specimen!" —Wild World
"Yahoo! I caught a saw stag beetle! Look at those mandibles!" —City Folk
"I caught a saw stag! Is carpentry big in the bug world?" —New Leaf
"I caught a saw stag! Now I can't unsee it!" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Saw stag (Wild World) "Though nocturnal, they also appear during the day."
Size 65 mm
Time Night
Season Summer
Icon Saw stag (Wild World icon)

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Saw Stag (City Folk)
"Though typically nocturnal, these can be found during the day."
Size About 65 mm
Time Night-Morning
Season Summer

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Saw stag encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I caught a saw stag! Is carpentry big in the bug world?"
Size 65 mm
Time Always
Season Summer


Further Information

Thumb Prosopocoilus inclinatus 05

A real life saw stag beetle

Prosopocoilus inclinatus (Saw Stag or Sawtooth Stag Beetle) is one of the most common Japanese stag beetles in the family Lucanidae. They are kept as pets in Japan, much like many other stag and scarab beetles. The mandibles on its head change shape when the beetle grows - the larger it becomes, the greater the angle and size the mandibles become.

Despite appearances the males cannot actually bite, as the size of its "antlers" actually prevents its mouth from coming into contact; unless you put your finger directly into its mouth.

In other languages

Saw stag
Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ノコギリクワガタ Nokogirikuwagata
Flag of France small French Lucane inclinatus
Flag of Spain Spanish Escarabajo ciervo sierra
Flag of Germany small German Sägezahn-Hirschkäfer
Flag of Italy small Italian Coleottero cervo
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Zaaghertkever
Flagofchinasmall Chinese 锯锹形虫 Jùqiāoxíngchóng
Flag of South Korea Korean 톱사슴벌레 Topsaseumbeolle

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