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Sayorin's mother (ママ Mama?) is a minor character in Hohinda Mura Dayori, and is the mother of the protagonist Sayorin.


Sayorin's mother is first mentioned in chapter 5 of part 1, when she sends Sayorin a letter with a mushroom attached, highly valuable in the Mushrooming Season. Sayorin does not recognise the mushroom's worth, and eats it.

Real world[]

When Sayorin's mother appears in the real world, she is portrayed as a friendly-looking woman with an apron. She lives in the same house as Sayorin, which is located close to Kotarō's house. Her first appearance was in chapter 10 of part 1.

It is unclear if the in-game letters are being received from Mom or from Sayorin's mother.

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