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The scary painting (いなせなめいが, inasenameiga?, dashing masterpiece) is a painting that can be bought from Crazy Redd in Animal Forest e+, Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, New Horizons and can be collected by Happy Home Handbook in Happy Home Designer. In New Horizons, the painting can be donated to the museum and be added to the art gallery. As this painting can be bought from Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler, players should keep in mind that they may be purchasing a forgery. The painting is one of the art pieces that is haunted at specific times of the day. It is known in the real world as Actor Otani Oniji III as the Yakko Edobei. It is a Japanese print by the mysterious Sharaku, a Japanese artist. Little is known about him: he was active for only around ten months in 1794 and 1795, and may even be a group of artists that used the name 'Sharaku'- this word is a shortened version of the word sharakusai, meaning 'nonsense' in Japanese.

Sharaku did not become popular until the twentieth-century. Pieces by him are now considered to be some of the best examples of Japanese woodblock art. The painting depicts a Kabuki actor supposedly during a performance. The painting is on display in the Tokyo National Museum.

Painting information[]

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Scary painting (Animal Crossing) Scarypaintinggc 1,960 490 Crazy Redd
Scary painting (Wild World) (City Folk) & (New Leaf) ScarypaintingwwScarypaintingwwScary painting 3,920
490 Crazy Redd
Tom Nook
Scary painting (New Horizons) 4,980 Bells 1,245 Bells Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler

Donation to the museum[]

After donating it to the museum, a museum label will give a description of the painting. In New Horizons, the museum label reads:

Ōtani Oniji the 3rd as Yakko Edobei
Tōshūsai Sharaku, 1794
Woodblock print

A print from the mid-Edo period by Tōshūsai Sharaku depicting a famous actor of the time. Sharaku made roughly 140 ukiyo-e prints in his career, even though it only spanned around 10 months!

  • Note: Prior to New Leaf, paintings did not have visual differences between forged and genuine versions. Therefore, paintings given to Blathers were fake or authentic at random.


New Leaf[]

The man's index fingers are shown in the forged painting, whereas his entire hands are opened in the real painting.
Scary Painting (forgery)
Int art stylish

New Horizons[]

The forgery has the man's eyebrows pointing in the incorrect direction. The forgery is animated, and the man can be seen smiling.
NH-Scary-Forgery-2 NH-Scary-Forgery
NH-scary painting-genuine

In Happy Home Designer[]

Scary Painting HHD Icon
Scary Painting (counterfeit) HHD Icon

After Day 9 in-game, go to the saving place and sit down at the player's desk. Picking the "Study the handbook" option allows the player to complete "Art Collection" lesson with 1 play coin. It adds 33 pieces of artworks and 22 forgeries to the collection.

Further Information[]

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In other languages[]

Scary painting
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese いなせなめいが inasenameiga, dashing masterpiece -
France French toile effrayante -
Spain Spanish cuadro japonés -
Germany German furchtgemälde -
Italy Italian quadro spaventoso -
South Korea Korean 씩씩한 명화 -