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"I got a sea star! Maybe it'll give me an autograph!" —New Horizons

The sea star is a benthic animal found at the bottom of the ocean in New Leaf and New Horizons. Diving is the only way of capturing it.

Though not obtainable in-game, sea stars are present in the seawater tank of Animal Crossing's museum.

Sea stars also appear in Pocket Camp, where they are classified as shells and can be found on the beach in Saltwater Shores.

Donation to the museum

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this creature.

"These star-shaped creatures have hundreds of tiny feet attached to their mobile arms. This allows them to slowly walk and open shellfish for food, making them effective predators. If an arm gets caught and ripped off by another predator, the sea star's arm will just grow back. Some sea stars eat by extending their stomachs out of their mouths to trap and then digest prey."

In New Horizons

This is the quote Blathers says while donating a sea star to the museum:

"The sea star may appear to have five feet...but those are, in fact, its arms. And though five-armed sea stars are the most common, there are species with 20 or even 40 arms out there! Ah, but the fascinating appendage fats do not end there, wot wot! You see upon each sea star's arm sprout many dozens of tiny feet. YES, FEET! They use these suction-cupped feet not just to move about...but grab hold of dinner guests as well. Finally, it should be noted that when a sea star loses an arm, it can grow it back. More impressive yes, a served sea star arm...can sometimes grow an entire sea star body back!"

Capture Quotes

"I got sea star! Is a group called a constellation?" —New Leaf
"I got a sea star! Maybe it'll give me an autograph!" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information

New Leaf

Deep-Sea Creature
Encyclopedia Information
Sea star.png
"I got sea star! Is a group called a constellation?"
Size About 11 inches
Time All day
Season All year

New Horizons

Deep-Sea Creature
Encyclopedia Information
NH-encyclopedia-Sea star.jpg
"I got a sea star! Maybe it'll give me an autograph."
Current Active Hours All day
Months active (north) All year
Months active (south) All year

Further information

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Certonardoa semiregularis has no common (English) name. Its Japanese name is アカヒトデ literally meaning red starfish. Parasitic snails live on the starfish. This species is distributed in south Honshu in Southeast Asia. Most starfish have five arms that radiate from a central disc, but the number varies with the group.


In other languages

Sea star
Language Name
Japan Japanese ヒトデ Hitode
France French Étoile de mer
Spain Spanish Estrella de mar
Germany German Seestern
Italy Italian Stella marina
China Chinese 海星 hǎixīng

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