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Secret songs are K.K. Slider songs that are only obtainable by specifically requesting them from K.K. at a concert. Songs that K.K. plays upon an invalid request (if the player types something that is not the name of a song) will be made secret songs in the next game in the series, and will become normally available in the next. Despite being secret, these songs can be heard in villagers' houses or on the radio.

Animal Crossing[]

Animal Forest, Animal Forest+, and Animal Crossing have three request-only songs, being I Love You, K.K. Song, and Two Days Ago. Notably, K.K. Song is actually Totaka's Song, a short melody hidden in most games with music by Kazumi Totaka, a sound designer at Nintendo.

These games also have three invalid songs which would become secret songs in the next game, Forest Life, My Place, and To the Edge. Although, Forest Life could also be considered somewhat of a secret song, because it is also played if the player enters a name "Forest" for their request.

Animal Forest e+ and Wild World[]

In Animal Forest e+ and Wild World the three invalid songs from Animal Forest and its remakes became secret songs titled Forest Life, My Place, and To the Edge.

These games share three new invalid songs, which would go on to be called Spring Blossoms, Stale Cupcakes, and Wandering. Spring Blossoms is a remix of the Cherry Blossom Festival Theme from Animal Forest. In Animal Forest e+ (but not Wild World), K.K. will play K.K. Birthday on the player's birthday, but it is neither able to be requested nor obtained.

In Animal Forest e+, some new songs can only be obtained by having scanned their e-Card: K.K. Dixie, K.K. Marathon, Mountain Song, Agent K.K., K.K. Rally, K.K. Rockabilly, Pondering, Marine Song 2001, Neapolitan, Steep Hill, K.K. Metal, and King K.K.

City Folk[]

In City Folk, Stale Cupcakes, Spring Blossoms, and Wandering become obtainable by request only.

The three new invalid songs would be named Hypno K.K., K.K. Island, and K.K. Stroll. K.K. Island is a cover of the Island Theme from Animal Crossing.

New Leaf[]

Continuing the pattern, the invalid songs from City Folk are named and become obtainable by request only: Hypno K.K., K.K. Island, and K.K. Stroll.

K.K.'s three new invalid songs are Animal City, Drivin', and Farewell. Interestingly, these songs are named with their Japanese names in the game's files, meaning their names were known before their inclusion in  New Horizons. Animal City is a cover of the City Theme from City Folk.

New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, as expected the secret songs from New Leaf, Animal City, Drivin', and Farewell, are available by request.

There are also three new invalid songs. Their official names are unknown, but in the games' files they are called Hazure01, Hazure02, and Hazure03. ("Hazure" (はずれ) means "failure" in Japanese.) These songs will presumably become obtainable in the next installment in the series. Hazure01 is a cover of the Title Theme from Wild World and City Folk.