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September is the 9th month in the Animal Crossing series. It is the first month of Autumn/Fall, and the time when the trees begin to change colors.

Events in September


Villagers born under this month fall under either the or signs.

September 1stViolet the gorilla
September 2ndFlo the penguin
September 3rdSpork the pig and Maggie the pig
September 4thCally the squirrel
September 5thGreta the mouse and Giovanni
September 6thCesar the gorilla
September 7thCeleste and Tucker the elephant
September 8thAstrid the kangaroo
September 9thPinky the bear
September 10thPecan the squirrel
September 11thPeewee the gorilla
September 12thBoone the gorilla and Lottie
September 13thMoose the mouse
September 14thRicky the squirrel
September 15thTutu the bear

September 16thEd the horse
September 17thWhitney the wolf
September 18thBubbles the hippo
September 19thFuchsia the deer
September 20thOctavian the octopus and Norma the cow
September 21stHenry the frog
September 22ndAnkha the cat
September 23rdCranston the ostrich
September 24thApple the hamster and Blathers
September 25thMitzi the cat
September 26thLeilani and Teddy the bear
September 27thBeardo the bear
September 28thKody the cub
September 29thMarshal the squirrel
September 30thMonique the cat

Available collectables

Name Location Sale
Time Games
Angelfish River 1,000 4pm - 9am
Arapaima River 10,000 4pm - 9am
Arowana River 10,000 4pm - 9am
Barbel Steed River 200 All day
Barred Knifejaw Ocean 5,000 All day
Bass River 300 All day
Black Bass River 300 All day
Blue Marlin Ocean 10,000 All day
Bluegill River 300 9am - 4pm
Brook Trout Pool 150 All day
Butterflyfish Ocean 1,000 All day
Carp River 300 All day
Catfish Pool 800 4pm - 9am
Char Waterfall 3,800 4am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm
Cherry Salmon River 1,000 4am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm
Clownfish Ocean 650 All day
Coelacanth Ocean (rain) 15,000 All day
Crawfish Pond 250 All day
Crucian Carp River 120 All day
Dace River 200 4pm - 9am
Dorado River 15,000 4am - 9pm
Eel River 2,000 4pm - 9am
Freshwater Goby River 300 All day
Gar Pool 6,000 4pm - 9am
Giant Catfish Pool 3,000 4pm - 9am
Giant Trevally Island 4,500 All day
Goldfish River 1,300 All day
Guppy River 1,300 9am - 4pm
Hammerhead Shark Ocean 8,000 4pm - 9am
Herabuna River 300 All day
Horse Mackerel Ocean 150 All day
King Salmon River 1,800 All day
Koi River 4,000 All day
Large Bass River 3,000 All day
Mitten Crab River 2,000 4pm - 9am
Moray Eel Ocean 2,000 All day
Nibble Fish River 1,200 9am - 4pm
Neon Tetra River 500 9am - 4pm
Ocean Sunfish Ocean 4,000 4am - 9pm
Octopus Ocean 500 All day
Olive Flounder Ocean 800 All day
Pale Chub River 160 9am - 4pm
Pike River 1,800 4am - 9pm
Piranha River 2,500 9am - 4pm, 9pm - 4am
Popeyed Goldfish River 1,300 9am - 4pm
Puffer Fish Ocean 240 All day
Rainbow Trout River 800 4am - 9am, 4pm - 9pm
Ray Ocean 3,000 All day
Red Snapper Ocean 3,000 All day
Ribbon Eel Island 600 All day
Saddled Bichir River 4,000 9pm - 4am
Salmon River 700 All day
Saw Shark Ocean 12,000 4pm - 9am
Sea Bass Ocean 200 All day
Seahorse Ocean 1,100 All day
Shark Ocean 15,000 4pm - 9am
Small Bass River 200 All day
Soft-shelled Turtle River 3,750 4pm - 9am
Surgeonfish Ocean 1,000 All day
Sweetfish River 900 All day
Whale Shark Island 13,000 All day
Zebra Turkeyfish Ocean 400 All day
Name Location Sale
Time Games
Agrias Butterfly Near flowers 3,000 8am - 5pm
Ant On rotten turnips 80 All day
Bee Shake trees 2,000 All day
Bell Cricket On the ground 430 5pm - 8am
Birdwing Butterfly Near flowers 4,000 8am - 5pm
Centipede Under rocks 300 4pm - 11pm
Cockroach On trees 5 All day
Coconut Crab Shake palm trees 300 7pm - 8am
Common Butterfly Near flowers 90 4am - 7pm
Crab On the beach 150 All day
Cricket On the ground 130 5pm - 8am
Diving Beetle In the river 800 8am - 5pm
Emperor Butterfly Near flowers 2,500 5pm - 8am
Flea On villagers 70 All day
Fly Near garbage 60 All day
Fruit Beetle On trees 100 All day
Giant Petaltail Flying 8,000 4pm - 7pm
Grasshopper On the ground 160 9am - 4pm
Hermit Crab In seashells 1,000 7pm - 8am
House Centipede Under rocks 250 7pm - 8am
Lantern Fly On trees 1,800 4pm - 7pm, 11pm - 8am
Long Locust On the ground 200 8am - 7pm
Mantis On flowers 430 8am - 5pm
Migratory Locust On the ground 600 8am - 7pm
Monarch Butterfly Near flowers 140 All day
Mosquito Flying 130 5pm - 4am
Moth Near lights 60 7pm - 4am
Oak Silk Moth On trees 1,200 7pm - 4am
Orchid Mantis On white flowers 2,400 8am - 5pm
Peacock Butterfly On hybrid flowers 220 8am - 5pm
Pill Bug Under rocks 250 All day
Pine Cricket On the ground 100 5pm - 8am
Pondskater In the river 130 8am - 7pm
Rainbow Stag On trees 10,000 7pm - 8am
Raja Brooke Butterfly Near flowers 2,500 8am - 7pm
Red Dragonfly Flying 80 8am - 7pm
Rice Grasshopper On the ground 400 8am - 7pm
Scorpion On the ground 8,000 7pm - 4am
Snail On flowers (rain) 250 All day
Spider Shake trees 300 All day
Stinkbug On trees 120 All day
Tiger Beetle On the ground 1,500 8am - 7pm
Tiger Butterfly Near flowers 160 8am - 5pm
Violin Beetle On tree stumps 250 4am - 5pm
Walker Cicada On trees 400 8am - 5pm
Walkingstick On trees 600 4am - 7pm
Walking Leaf On the ground 600 4am - 7pm
Wharf Roach On the beach 200 All day
Yellow Butterfly Flying 80 4am - 7pm
Deep-Sea Catches
Name Location Sale
Time Games
Abalone Ocean 400 4pm - 9am
Acorn Barnacle Ocean 200 All day
Chambered Nautilus Ocean 900 All day
Clam Ocean 400 All day
Ear Shell Ocean 300 4pm - 9am
Flatworm Ocean 200 4pm - 9am
Giant Isopod Island 9,000 All day
Horseshoe Crab Ocean 1,500 9pm - 4am
Lobster Ocean 2,500 All day
Mantis Shrimp Ocean 1,250 4pm - 9am
Octopus Ocean 1,000 All day
Oyster Ocean 400 All day
Pearl Oyster Ocean 1,600 All day
Spiny Lobster Ocean 3,000 4pm - 9am
Scallop Ocean 1,000 All day
Sea Anemone Ocean 100 All day
Sea Grapes Ocean 600 All day
Sea Slug Ocean 200 All day
Sea Star Ocean 100 All day
Sea Urchin Ocean 800 All day
Spotted Garden Eel Island 600 All day
Sweet Shrimp Ocean 650 4pm - 9am
Tiger Prawn Ocean 1,600 4pm - 9am
Turban Shell Ocean 300 4pm - 9am
Notes: Location, price, and time, comes from the collectible's most recent appearance. For older information, please see that collectible's individual page. The Flat Stag Beetle is listed under Stag Beetle, the Ladybug from Wild World and later is listed under Spotted Ladybug and the Water Beetle is listed under Diving Beetle. A bold name indicates that collectible makes its first appearance that month. A red background indicates that collectible will not be available in the next month. Collectibles that are available on New Leaf's Island are not listed if they do not appear in the town in this month, however, island-exclusive collectibles such as the Whale Shark are listed for every month.
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