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This article is about the dog special character. For the normal mouse villager, see Dora.
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What's with you mortals? First you throw coins, and now axes? This is getting out of control! No more, OK?
― Serena, City Folk

Serena (めがみさま Megami-sama?) is a dog who only appears in City Folk. She is a fountain goddess, who appears as a statue in the fountain in the City, as well as making a physical appearance in the fountain in the player's town.

Her name may come from the word 'serene', a word sometimes used when addressing people of high status (e.g. "His Serene Highness") or someone who's calm. However, the name is also ironic given her unpredictable nature.

Her Spanish name comes from the word 'diva', meaning a popular female singer of outstanding talent in opera, and 'chihuahua', which is a type of dog, reflecting her species.

She appears on the cover of Animal City.


Serena is a solid white dog with a white toga. The tips of her paws are a purple/pink color. Behind her nose is also a purple/pink color. She has large, beady indigo eyes and wears golden jewelry. On her head, she wears a veil. She also has large, pointed ears in front with gold earrings.


Her key role in the game is to give the player both the silver and gold axes, similar to Farley who gives the player the golden axe in the GameCube games.

The player must first obtain the fountain by donating 400,000 Bells to the Town Fund, after first donating 200,000 Bells for the extra bridge. Once the fountain has been built, the player must throw an axe into the middle of the fountain in order for Serena to appear. However, the player must wait an additional day to throw an axe into the fountain, because Tortimer will be in the way.

When she appears, she will ask the player a series of questions which the player may choose to respond truthfully or lie to in order to sweet-talk her. Her responses will either accuse the player of lying or she may react positively to the comments. However, Serena is unpredictable which makes it difficult to determine whether or not she will award the player with the silver or golden axes, or return the axe that was thrown. She may give the player a golden axe because she wants them to like her, or she will punish the player for not liking her by not giving the player anything at all.


  • Serena and the axe events are a reference to the story of The Honest Woodman, about a woodcutter who dropped his axe into a river and was awarded for his honesty when he answered that he had dropped only an ordinary axe. The mermaid was so impressed by his honesty that she gave him both the gold and silver axe.
  • Serena can be referenced by peppy villagers in New Leaf when, during a conversation, they ask the player what kind of axe they would ask for from a fountain goddess.
  • The player (as mayor) can build a fountain in New Leaf, but unlike the two fountains in City Folk, Serena is absent from its design. This may be because upgraded axes are available elsewhere, and Serena's services are no longer required.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese めがみさま Megami-sama -
France French Shivava -
Spain Spanish Divahua -
Germany German Divahua -
Italy Italian Candea -
South Korea Korean 여신님 -